Figure 3: Pareto charts showing the standardized effect of factors, X1 flow rate: mL/min, X2 injection volume: µL, X3 detection wavelength: nm, X4 initial gradient acetonitrile ratio: % v/v, X5 acetonitrile ratio at four minutes of gradient run: % v/v, in Plackett-Burman (PB) design for the responses: (A) Y1 peak area of STP: mAU.s, (B) Y2 peak area of HI443: mAU.s, (C) Y3 USP Tailing of STP, (D) Y4 USP Tailing of HI443. Bars extending past the vertical lines indicates the values reaching statistical significance (α=0.05). Asterisk (*) indicates the significant effect (p<0.05). (E) Prediction profiler and desirability plot in PB design.
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