Figure 8: Electrophoresis gel profile (3% agarose, 80 V, 2 h 45 min), presenting the effect of different conditions of denaturation in the stability of ssDNA. L: DNA ladder. 1: Single stranded 30-mer 16S rDNA. 2: Double stranded 16S rDNA sample (30 bp). For lane 3 to 7: Heat denaturation (95°C) of the 16S rDNA (30 bp) was the first step of the treatment for all samples. The second step was different for each lane and only this variation is given on the legend; 3: Chilling in the ice water (0.6°C). 4: Placing in the ethanol cryostat (-12°C). 5: Chilling in the dry ice (-78°C). 6: Presence of ET SSB during the first step. 7: Like lane 6 but additional ET SSB denaturation with formamide 30%.
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