Figure 6: Fluorescence intensity of folic acid treated by H2O2 to determine the catalase activity. The sample solution containing 10 μM folic acid and 20 μM CuCl2 with or without H2O2 and/or catalase was incubated for 30 min at 37°C, and the fluorescence intensity was measured (Ex: 350 nm, Em: 450 nm). (1) Negative control: without H2O2 and catalase. (2) Positive control: (1)+100 μM H2O2. The sample solutions (3) ~(6) contained catalase and the same ingredient of (2). (3): Catalase without treated. (4): Photo-irradiated catalase without DDP (V) TPP. (5): Catalase with DDP (V) TPP without irradiation. (6) Photo-irradiated catalase with DDP (V) TPP.
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