Indication Treatment regimen Results Ref.
Choroidal melanoma
Amelanotic choroidal melanoma *v-PDT with 3 overlapping spots Tumor regression to a flat scar; stable for 50 months follow-up. [97]
Choroidal melanoma v-PDT Complete regression of tumor in 2 cases; 2 cases required enucleation [101]
Amelanotic choroidal melanoma v-PDT Complete regression of lesion. [99]
Amelanotic choroidal melanoma *v-PDT V-PDT was highly effective in causing regression of posteriorly located amelanotic choroidal melanomas, without a detrimental effect on vision [98]
Amelanotic choroidal melanoma *v-PDT *v-PDT caused transient increased exudation of retinal/subretinal fluid. Complete absorption of this fluid with improvement of visual acuity to 20/20 was noted 3-4 weeks post *v-PDT. [102]
Pigmented choroidal melanoma *v-PDT vs.
*v-PDT+ bevacizumab
Tumors receiving v-PDT alone had continued tumor growth resulting in enucleation years later; combination treatment showed reduced tumor vascularity, but biopsy stilled showed viable tumor cells. [100]
Squamous cell carcinoma
SCC of the conjunctiva *v-PDT Tumor regression in all patients at 1 month, 2 patients had complete regression after 1-2 treatments for whole follow-up period; 3rd patient had larger tumor and only treated areas showed regression. [159]
SCC of the conjunctiva *v-PDT Regression of half the lesion after first PDT session and near-complete cure of lesion 2 weeks after second treatment; stable disease for 13 months. [160]
Choroidal metastasis
Choroidal metastasis *v-PDT Complete control and resolution of SRF in 7 tumors (78%). 2 tumors failed to respond and were treated with plaque radiotherapy. [104]
Choroidal metastasis (chemo- and radiation therapy resistant) *v-PDT Resolution of exudative detachment and 50% decrease in tumor volume [161]
Choroidal metastasis *v-PDT Visual acuity following decrease in the tumor vascular permeability and absorption of subretinal fluid was observed. [162]
*v-PDT: Standard fluence, 50 J/cm2, 600 mW/cm2 at 689 nm.
Table 3: Selected reports on v-PDT in treatment of ophthalmic malignant tumors.
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