Figure 2: (A) Measure of enhancement of ThT fluorescence after its binding to amyloid fibers formed by 10 μM PB1-F2 in 0.05% SDS, 10 mM sodium acetate buffer, pH 5. Note that there was no fiber formation in the absence of SDS. AU, absorbance unit. (B) Electron microscopy observation of the PB1-F2 fibers in the presence of 0.05% SDS. Bar, 200 nm. (C) SPR detection of 250 nM PB1-F2 in monomeric (black line), and fibrilar (red line). Note that after chip surface washing with the buffer only the monomeric PB1-F2 remained bound to the chip surface indicating that PB1-F2 fibers cannot be detected by the immunosensor.
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