Figure 3: Detection of PB1-F2 in infected cell lines. Cells were infected with either the wild type influenza virus strain (WSN) or with its PB1-F2 knockout mutant (ΔPB1-F2 WSN) for 0 to 24 hrs. Cell lysates were assayed for PB1-F2 using the immunosensor. Sensorgrams obtained with lysates of cells infected with WSN are shown in left panels, and of cells infected with ΔPB1-F2 WSN in middle panels. PB1-F2 expressing profiles obtained after subtracting of corresponding background bindingsare given in right panels. Data are mean ± SD of three independent experiments. (A) A549 cell line, (B) U937 cell line. SPR signals are expressed as arbitrary resonance units (RU).
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