Figure 4: PB1-F2 detection in mouse lungs infected with WNS influenza virus. (A) Principal of sample preparation and assessment. Infected mouse lungs were dissected and mechanically homogenized. Then, the homogenates were filtered and run over chip surfaces carrying either monoclonal anti-PB1-F2 antibody or anti-NP antibody. (B) Resulting sensorgrams obtained for PB1-F2 detection in infected lung homogenates for various days post infection. PB1-F2 gave a measurable signal only at day 4 post infection. (C) Resulting sensorgrams for influenza virus nucleoprotein (NP) in infected lung homogenates for 0 to 4 days post infection. NP was detected in samples days 3 and 4. Representative results of three independent experiments are shown. (ΔRU), SPR resonance units of the resulting immunosensor responses after subtracting the background signal.
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