Desired Reagent Feature Necessary for Ubiquitous Biosensing
Robust Temperature, pH, enzyme degradation, and a long shelf life
Thermoplastic Maintains full function under extreme temperature conditions
Universal Encompasses all biosensing analytes irrespective of charge, size, etc.
Rapid Discovery Rapid development without extensive knowledge of the target analyte, critical to adapt technology to new and emerging threats
Manufacturing Scale Production Cost-effective production necessary for ubiquitous scale
On-Demand Production Circumvent any shelf life or supply/demand issues
Low Cost Critical for universal implementation
Adaptable Readily incorporate into variety of platforms; drop-in replacement technology
High Affinity Equivalent (or better) than antibody gold standard to meet sensing requirements
High Specificity Critical for practical application in complex environments
Table 1: Table of affinity reagent features important to ubiquitous sensing.
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