Figure 6: (a) The visual photographs on the variation of color change of colorless 0-dianisidine (1) on the addition of graphene-PBNPs nanodispersion (2) to o-dianisidine- H2O2 system within 0-5 s (3) after 100 s (4); (b) Typical UV-Vis spectra of o-dianisidine- H2O2 reaction system catalyzed by graphene-PBNPs nanodispersion,(c) Time-dependent absorbance changes at 430 nm in the presence of 50 μl o-dianisidine (10 mM) and 30 μl H2O2 (35 mM); (d) steady-state kinetic assay of graphene-PBNPs with H2O2 as substrate.
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