Symbol Definition Value
inlet analyte concentration 200-600 pM
mobile gA monomers 2×109 molecules/cm2
tethered binding sites 1×1010 molecules/cm2
gA dimers 109 molecules/cm2
tethered gA monomers 1×1010 molecules/cm2
W, X ,Y, Z initial concentration 0 molecules/cm2
forward reaction rate 8 × 106 M-1 s-1
forward reaction rate 5-9 cm2 s-1 molecules-1
forward reaction rate 10-10 cm2s-1 molecules-1
reverse reaction rate 10-6 s-1
reverse reaction rate 10-6s-1
reverse reaction rate 1.5 × 10-2 s-1
DA Diffusivity of analyte A 2.5 ×10-6 cm2/s
LW Width of flow chamber 3.0 mm
L Length of flow chamber 0.7 mm
h Height of flow chamber 100 µm
Q Flow Rate 10 µL/min
Table 2: Model Parameters for ICS Detection of Ferritin.
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