Variable Value Variable Value
Valve oven temperature 140◦C Dry purge flow 100 mL/min
Transfer line temperature 140◦C GC start Start of desorb
Sample mount temperature 90◦C Desorb preheat temperature 175◦C
Purge ready temperature 45◦C Desorb drain On
Sample preheat time 1 min Desorb time 4 min
Sample temperature 60◦C Desorb temperature 180◦C
Purge time 20 min Desorb flow 400 mL/min
Purge temperature 0◦C Bake rinse On
Purge flow 35 mL/min Number of bake rinses 3
Condenser ready temperature 40◦C Bake drain time 0.80 min
Condenser purge temperature 20◦C Bake drain flow 300 mL/min
Rinse loop time 3 min Bake time 8.00 min
Purge loop time 1.40 min Bake temperature 230◦C
Dry purge time 3.00 min Bake flow 200 mL/min
Dry purge temperature 20◦C Condenser bake temperature 200◦C
GC   MS  
Oven:   Mode EI/SIM
Helium gas flow 1 mL/min Electron energy 70 ev
Initial temperature/time 40◦C/3 min Emission current 34.6 µA
Ramp rate 1 5◦C/min EM volts Atune + 400
Final temperature 1/final time 1 160◦C/2 min Transfer line temperature 280◦C
Ramp rate 2 20◦C/min Source temperature 230◦C
Final temperature 2/final time 2 280◦C/2 min Quadrupole temperature 150◦C
Injector:   Solvent delay 13 min
Injector mode Pulsed (23 psi),  Split (4 min)    
Split ratio 2:1    
Injector temperature 240◦C    
Table 2: Purge-and-trap, and GC-MS parameters.
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