Figure 1: Morris water maze performance. Rats infused with LPS for 4 weeks have increased latency to find the hidden platform (A) compared to aCSF 4w on days 3 and 4 (p<0.001*) and LPS 8w on testing days 2 through 4 (p ≤ 0.041). LPS 4w spent a greater percentage of time in the perimeter of the pool (B) than both aCSF 4w and LPS 8w (p ≤ 0.008*†) on days 3 and 4. LPS 4w did not swim slower (C) than aCSF controls, however, LPS 8w swam faster than LPS 4w on day 1) and aCSF 8w on day 2 (p<0.05*†). LPS 4w spent less time within the radius of the absent platform (D) than did aCSF 4w (p=0.012*) and LPS 8w (p=0.016).
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