Figure 2: SIRT1 preserves the neuronal morphology and regulates the maintenance of the dendritic tree in hippocampal neurons challenged with Aβo. Hippocampal neurons at 3 DIV were transfected with EGFP, SIRT1/EGFP or SIRT1DN/EGFP. Transfected neurons were treated at 14 DIV with 5μM Aβo for 12 h. Neurons were fixed and PSD-95 immunostained. (a) Images of representative transfected control neurons with EGFP, (b) SIRT1/EGFP, (c) Control neurons treated with 5 μM Aβo, (d) SIRT1/EGFP challenged with 5 μM Aβo, (e) SIRT1DN/EGFP and (f) then treated with 5 μM A®o. (g) Sholl analysis was performed in the dendritic tree of transfected neurons (EGFP+) under different experimental conditions. Experiments were made in triplicate. Scale bar, 10 μm.
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