Nucleus Modality Relative staining intensity
Mitral cell layer olfactory bulb Olfactory ++
Granular cell layer olfactory bulb Olfactory +++
External piriform layer olfactory bulb Olfactory ++
Anterior olfactory nucleus (ventral and medial) Olfactory ++
Ventral and lateral orbital cortices Limbic ++
Cingulate Limbic ++++
Motor 1 Motor ++
Motor 2 Motor ++
Dorsal endopiriform nucleus Sensory motor gating (SMG) ++++
Striatum Motor, SMG +
Lateral septum Limbic, SMG ++++
Medial septum Limbic ++
Horizontal limb diagonal band of Broca Limbic ++
Subiculum Limbic +
Paraventricular hypothalamic nucleus Limbic, Autonomic +++
Basal lateral amygdaloid nucleus Limbic +
Anterior and posterior hypothalamus Autonomic ++
Ventrolateral geniculate nucleus, parvocellular Vision +++
Nucleus of the solitary tract Chemosensation ++++
Periaqueductal gray Analgesia ++
Median raphe nucleus Analgesia ++
Magnocellular reticular formation/ Gigantocellular reticular formation Mixed ++++
Red nucleus Motor ++++
Entorhinal cortex (medial/lateral ) Spatial memory, SMG ++++
Mammillary bodies Memory ++++
Mesencephalic nucleus of 5 Proprioception, Motor ++
Pontine gray Relay ++
Lateral vestibular nucleus Proprioception, Motor +++
Fastigial nucleus cerebellum Proprioception, Motor ++++
Posterior interposed nucleus Proprioception, Motor ++++
Inferior olivary nucleus Proprioception, Motor +++
Table 1: List of nuclei positive for the IL-2 transgene throughout the rostral-caudal extent of the brain and brainstem. (+) symbol designates relative intensity of GFP staining as visualized by fluorescence immunohistochemistry.
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