Figure 4: Schematic representation of multi infarct dementia, strategic infarct dementia, and subcortical vascular encephalopathy. The gray areas mark the regions where infarcts and white matter lesions are located. In multi infarct dementia multiple microinfarcts, lacunar infarcts, and small large infarcts are distributed all over the gray matter. Strategic infarct dementia is characterized by infarcts in strategic regions that alone explain dementia, i.e., in the hippocampal formation and in the paramedian nuclei of the thalamus. Subcortical vascular encephalopathy is characterized by confluent white matter lesions in the central and peripheral white matter. Small infarcts in subcortical brain regions may also co-occur with this type of VaD. Amy=amygdala, Bgl=basal ganglia, CA1=Ammon’s horn sector CA1, Cing=cingulate gyrus, ER=entorhinal cortex, F=frontal neocortex, Hypoth=hypothalamus, NBM=basal nucleus of Meynert, T=temporal neocortex, Thal=thalamus. Reproduced with permission from [182].
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