Reference Disease Case Definition for TBI Methodology OR Relevant Findings
Fratiglioni et al 199327 AD LOC Interview an “informant” of the patient .4  
Mayeux et al 199530 AD LOC Interview 1.5 OR: 10.5 for e4 carriers
Guo et al 2000278 AD LOC or medical attention Structured questionnaire 4.6 OR: 9.9 for TBI with LOC
Plassman et al 200032 AD Medical record of LOC, post-traumatic amnesia or skull fracture occurring during military service Military health records 2.16  
Chen et al 200719 ALS Injury requiring medical attention Interview 1.4 OR:3.1 for head injury in 10 years leading up to onset of ALS
Schmidt et al 2010231 ALS LOC or medical care Telephone interview 1.26 OR: 1.88 for TBI occurring at older age (>29)
Turner et al 2010233 ALS N/A Reviewed data from Oxford Record Linkage Data 1.5  
Stern et al 1991146 PD Head trauma severe enough to cause vertigo, dizziness, blurred vision, seizure or convulsion, transient memory loss, personality change or paralysis Structured interview 2.9  
Martyn and Osmond 1995155 PD LOC or hospital admission Standardized questionnaire .6  
Kuopio et al 1999154 PD N/A Interview .89 OR:1.99 for multiple TBI OR:1.37 for TBI with LOC
Taylor et al 1999147 PD Head trauma severe enough to cause LOC, blurred/double vision, dizziness, seizures, or memory loss Structured interview 5.09  
Tsai et al 2002148 PD Head trauma severe enough to cause vertigo or dizziness, LOC, post-traumatic amnesia, personality changes, seizures or paralysis Structured Questionnaire 9.27 OR: 4.5 for young onset PD (< 40 years of age) compared to normal PD patients
Zorzon et al 2002162 PD LOC Structured interview 1.6  
Baldereschi et al 2003 150 PD LOC Standardized questionnaire interview .85  
Bower et al 2003140 PD LOC, posttraumatic amnesia, neurologic signs of Brain Injury, or Skull fracture with documented medical record Medical history screened by nurse and confirmed by neurologist 4.3 OR:11 for TBI with LOC TBI with Hospitalization: 8
Goldman et al 2006143 PD Amnesia or LOC following head injury Phone interview 3.6 OR:4.3 for multiple TBI OR:4.1 for TBI resulting in hospitalization
Dick et al 2007141 PD “Ever being knocked unconscious” Standardized questionnaire interview 1.35 OR: 2.53 for multiple TBIs with LOC
Fang et al 2012279 PD Hospitalization Medical records 1.94  
Lee et al 2012280 PD LOC > 5 minutes in duration Interview 2  
Goldman et al 2012167 PD Affirmative response to “Have you ever had a head injury where you lost consciousness or were diagnosed with a concussion by a doctor?” Computer assisted phone interview 1.3 OR: 3.5 for Long Rep1 allele carries with TBI history
Harris et al 2013281 PD Injury requiring physician attention Standardized questionnaire interview 2.08 OR: 2.64 for TBI with LOC
Table 2: Methods and Findings of Epidemiological Studies
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