Figure 5: Dynamic changes of molecular species of lysosomal BMP and its immunoreactivity. A: The contents of each molecular species of BMP were determined by LC-MS using the monkey CA1 tissues (n=4 for each group). C18:1-C18:1 shows a significant (*p < 0.05) decrease on day 1 (d1) after ischemia/reperfusion, and C22:6-C22:6 shows significant decreases on day 1 (d1: **p < 0.01) and day 3 (d3: *p < 0.05). Both show a recover to the control levels (d0) on day 7 (d7). B: BMP fluorescent intensity of CA1 neurons on days 3 (d3), 5 (d5) and 7 (d7) shows a significant (*p < 0.05) reduction, compared to the control (C). Scale bar=20 μm.
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