Cognitive Test Description of test
Verbal fluency, F,A,S [32] The participant had to list as many words beginning F in 60 seconds; A in 60 seconds and S in 60 seconds.
Attention (serial 7’s) [33] A test where a participant counts down from one hundred by sevens.
Modified Wisconsin Card Sorting Test [34] There are 4 stimulus cards. The participant is instructed to match each of the cards to one of the key cards. The participant is informed as to whether the answer is right or wrong but is not told of the sorting principle. The sorting category is changed without warning and the administration includes six sets of three possible scoring categories.
5 minute recall [35] A memory screening test of the participant being asked to recall 3 words after 5 minutes.
n- back [36] The participant is presented with a sequence of stimuli, and the task consists of indicating when the current stimulus matches the one from n steps earlier in the sequence.
Trial – making test [37] The participant is instructed to connect alternating letters and numbers (1, A, 2, B) as fast as possible.
Table 2: Description of cognitive tests administered.
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