Goal Environmental modification Task modification Cognitive strategy Practice-able steps
Take medications at correct time Pill container kept in same location. Locked pill container with alarm system. Write a checkmark on calendar as reminder that pills were taken. 1. Respond to alarm.
2. Take pills.
3. Write checkmark on calendar.
Clean self thoroughly after a bowel movement Hand-held bidet attached to toilet. Use of bidet after toileting. NA 1. Remove pants and sit down.
2. Spray self with bidet.
3. Dry self with paper.
4. Wipe down seat.
Make a cell phone call Quite, distraction- free environment. Programmed cell phone numbers into phone. NA 1. Open phone
2. Dial pre-programmed number.
3. Talk.
4. Push hang-up button.
5. Close phone.
Table 2: Examples of individual goals, types of modifications and practice-able steps for STOMP*, *STOMP=Skill-building through Task-Oriented Motor Practice
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