Figure 4: Transfection of macrophages with the eIF2a-S51A mutant attenuated E‾/B48 lipoprotein-induced changes in the expression of lysosomal hydrolases. (A and B) Raw 264.7 cells stably transfected with eIF2a-S51A (S51A) or empty pEGFP vector were treated at 37C for 12 hrs with 20 g/ml of E+/B48 or E‾/ B48 lipoproteins or culture medium alone. The protein levels of LAL, Cath B, and -tubulin were measured by immunoblot analysis. LAL and Cath B levels are expressed as the percentage of their immunoblot intensities relative to -tubulin. (C and D) Raw 264.7 cells were transfected with a plasmid vector expressing LAL (LALTg) or an empty pEGFP vector. The cells were incubated at 37C for 12 hrs with 20 g/ml of E‾/B48 lipoproteins or culture medium alone. Cellular cholesterol contents were determined. Values represent the mean SEM of five experiments. *P<0.05 as compared with the control, and P<0.05 as compared with cells transfected with empty pEGFP vector and treated with E‾/B48 lipoproteins.
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