Figure 5: Histological analysis of tumor slices by confocal fluorescence microscopy. The tumors were taken from mice injected weekly by RU-MFLs (0.15 μmoles RU (4.3mg/week/kg) either without (a) or in the presence of a 0.44-T magnet (155 T/m magnetic field gradient) placed at the tumor location (b, c). The tumors were removed 18 hours after the seventh injection. Intrinsic fluorescence of the tumoral tissue was visualized in green by laser-beam excitation wavelength at 488 nm (emission recording in the 505-550 nm range) while Rho-PE fluorescence labeling MFLs, in red on the images, were distinctly revealed by laser-beam excitation wavelength at 543 nm (emission recording in the 563-659 nm range). Control tumor slices from an untreated animal led to no fluorescence emission at 543 nm excitation. Areas resulted from the projection of twenty 20μm-thick images (magnification x 20). Note the presence of rhodamine fluorescence characteristic of liposome structures inside the blood vessels (V) and in the extravascular region of the targeted tumor (E). White bars represent 50 μm.
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