Figure 7: Evaluation of antiproliferative activity. Optical micrographs correspond to tumor slices from mice allocated to untreated group (a), group weekly injected with drug-free MFLs (b, MFLs) and groups weekly treated through intravenous administrations of 0.15 μmoles RU (4,3mg/week/kg) in glucose 5% solution (c) or via RU-MFLs without (d) or with (e) 4-hour application of as 0.44-T magnet (155 T/m magnetic field gradient). Sections were stained with Mayer’s hemalum after KI-67 antigen diaminobenzidinedetection. Histogram reports on the counting of cells expressing KI-67-antigen related to total cells (f). Black bars represent 50 μm.
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