Author Year

Cancer type

Country Ethnicity Genotype assay Source of
Case/Control P
Zhang 2005 Gastric China Asian PCR-RFLP Population 201/350 Yes
Kim 2011 Gastric Korea Asian PCR-RFLP Hospital 153/326 Yes
Malik 2011 Gastric India Asian PCR-RFLP Population 108/195 Yes
Sugimoto 2008 Gastric Japan Asian PCR-RFLP Hospital 160/434 Yes
Kubben 2006 Gastric Holland European PCR-RFLP Population 79/169 Yes
Li 2008 Gastric China Asian PCR-RFLP Population 338/380 Yes
Zhang 2005 ESCC China Asian PCR-RFLP Population 258/350 Yes
Malik 2011 ESCC India Asian PCR-RFLP Population 135/195 Yes
Lievre 2006 Colorectal France European Tagman Population 596/565 Yes
Dziki 2011 Colorectal Poland European PCR-RFLP Hospital 184/205 Yes
  2009 Colorectal Japan Asian PCR-RFLP Hospital 119/67 Yes
Ghilardi 2003 Colorectal Italy European Sequencing Population 58/111 Yes
Woo 2007 Colorectal Korea Asian PCR-RFLP Population 185/304 Yes
Fang 2010 Colorectal China Asian PCR-RFLP Population 252/237 Yes
de Lima 2009 Colorectal Brazil South America PCR-RFLP Hospital 108/113 Yes
Vairaktaris 2007 Oral Germany, Greek European PCR-RFLP Population 159/120 No
Qiu 2008 Hepatocellular China Asian PCR-RFLP Population 425/475 Yes
‡ P value of Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium in controls; ESCC: esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
Table 1: Main characteristics of included studies in the meta-analysis.
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