Group Start Weight(g) End Weight (g) Weight Gain (g)
1 18.83±3.08 16.08±2.84 -2.75±0.40
2 18.53±4.53 20.82±4.68 2.28±0.60
3 17.233±4.59 19.82±4.27 2.92±0.74
Group 1 was fed wildtype cassava (CON); group 2 was fed protein enriched cassava (MOD); and group 3 was fed CON cassava with casein supplement (CON+casein). The Start Weight was measured at Day 0; the End Weight was measured at Day 13. Weight Gain was calculated as the difference of weight between End Weight and Start Weight. The measurements were performed on a sample of 6 for each feeding group. Standard deviations were calculated.
Table 2: The measurement of weight and weight gain of weanling mice in three feeding groups.
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