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OMICS International Organises 300+ Conferences Every Year across USA, Europe & Asia with support from 1000 more scientific societies and Publishes 500+ Open access journals which contains over 30000 eminent personalities, reputed scientists as editorial board members.

OMICS Scientific Meetings 2015-2016 will enhance the cornucopia of knowledge of all the participants in different fields and will be a mélange of eminent speakers, industry professionals, social activist, students etc. Discussing on various imperative topics will add an insight to ponder and confer over crux of today’s scientific and technological perk up. Our conferences are scientific rostrums to unveil the novel developments and to cogitate, and conflate ideas and realities through practical experiences.

The OMICS Group of Scientific Meetings 2015-2016 are unparagoned and an unmissable opportunity to engross the information and communication technologies bobbing in the modern age. OMICS Group Engineering Conventions 2015-2016 facilitates better understanding about the technological developments and scientific advancements across the world by simultaneously equating with the velocity of science, technology and business domains.

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OMICS Scientific Meetings 2015-2016 will be a mélange of eminent speakers, industry professionals, social activist, and students. Exploring the emerging dimension of Medical Sciences, OMICS Group is planning to lay emphasis on International Medical conferences throughout 2015-16.

Pharmaceutical Sciences as fastest emerging field is unfolding series of discoveries making use of nanotechnologies and the other emerging technical innovations and it is no exaggeration to claim that OMICS Group International Pharmaceutical conferences will be focusing on these latest developments.

OMICS Group International Conferences always mirror up the current scenario in the field of Science, Technology, environment and climate change and discuss these developments through a series of International Cancer Conferences, a silent killer that is decimating the society, causing great psychological and economic burden throughout the world.

Dental and Metabolic disorders are on rise globally throughout this millennium and OMICS Group Dental Conferences and International Conferences on Diabetes are sure to focus on the recent developments extensively by exploring all minute developments in these fields

Scientific Cognizance & Innovation

OMICS International Conferences creates a venue to connect and confer all the neoteric minds longing for cutting edge research and development in various fields. Ceaseless reinventions of academic and research models are encapsulated in Major Scientific Events to construct an innovative culture of knowledge sharing, networking and learning. Eminent keynote speakers, esteemed editorial members, seasonal professionals, upcoming and established researchers, veteran scientists, pharmacists, entrepreneurs, and students are expected to join our scientific meetings from all over the world throughout 2015-16 to our workshops, exhibitions, B2B meetings, oral talks and poster presentations and to carry away strong messages.

Young Research Forum:

At a time when the entire scientific society is governed by constant discoveries, patents, publications, royalties and innovations, researchers have to start very early in their career path to attain the highest order in their selective fields. OMICS Group ‘Young Researcher’s Forum stands by the upcoming scientists and researchers and offers 'Young Scientist Awards' in our scientific meetings 2015-2016 to the outstanding young science researchers and scholars that gets the critic’s appreciation.

Researchers below 30 years of age are eligible for this award and the winner will be awarded with $1000 along with one year free membership for publishing their research manuscripts in OMICS group scholarly journals. Apart from this, the thesis selected for the award will be published free of cost in a relevant OMICS Group Science Journal. By forming a part of this program, researchers can increase their global exposure.

International Scientific Collaborations

OMICS Group operates with the mutual partnership of more than 1000 scientific societies. Scientific Alliance is our effort to share our experience, expertise, brand image and our hard earned relationships across the academic institutions, research organizations, scientific organizations and societies that sign the mutual partnership. On successful signing of partnership, our group provides publication support to your organization and helps in organizing conferences and meetings. We are inclined to increase scientific compliance by creating networks, coordinating with peers and mutual cooperation by lending our services to everybody who seeks to “advance science, engineering and technology through research and innovation”.

Our Scientific Meeting 2015-16 are about to leverage adept and imperative knowledge to ensure the viability and success of your association. We assess strategic priorities, identify new opportunities and develop insightful blueprints for your growth. A latest addendum to this initiative is support from the Ministry of Spain which allowed OMICS Group to identify and establish partnership with 50 societies from across Europe, which included British Society of Hematology, European Society of Ophthalmology, European Society of Pharmacogenomics and Theranostics, European Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Association. OMICS Group enjoys the distinction of fostering collaboration with 45 societies in Asia-Pacific, 30 societies in North and South America and 25 societies in Africa.
In the year 2015, OMICS Group International diversified its conferences to Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific and takes pride in announcing its Best Scientific, Academic and Business Meetings in Europe.

Continental International Conferences, USA

OMICS Group International Conferences has strengthened its position as one of the most productive forums for meaningful discussions in USA. Our Academic Conferences, followed by Scientific and Business conferences in USA have committed to advance quality research outcome, leading to academic advancement, leading research strategies, professional and business development, and enhanced networking, where professionals across the global are willing to devote their adequacy in an ethical way for the betterment of our society Of the 300 Scientific Meetings that the OMICS Group has scheduled for the 2015-2016, more than 50% of them are taking place in USA. OMICS Group Scientific Meetings will be addressing the most compelling issues that the society of the new millennium confronting. The year 2015-2016 scheduled International Conferences on Cancer Research, Diabetes, Oral Health, Pharmacy, Dental disorders and Nursing are only few mentioned here and a whole lot of other thematic conferences have been lineup to have a meaningful debate.

International Regional Conferences

OMICS Group International Scientific Meetings aim to propagate broader intellectual resources by striking international collaborations with Europe and the Middle East regions by encouraging the active participation of all academic organizations and scientists to share their new research and challenges. Middle East is a region of great ethnic and cultural diversity and its strategic geopolitical location has long made it a focus of international capital flow, labor migration and world power competition. There is no exaggeration to claim this region as the center of economic opportunities that could contribute greatly to the global development in the 21st century. European nations on the other hand are highly matured economies with a very high level of scientific and technological advancement. It is a nourishing ground for great institutional, educational, technological, cultural and economic excellence, where science and technology flourished and formed an inseparable part of the development.

International Youth Conferences

Our Scientific Meetings 2015-2016 aim to formulate the effective strategic dais for the exchange of information and ideas to update the advancements. OMICS Academic conferences including, Medical Conferences and Biotechnology Conferences facilitate better understanding about technological developments and advancements across the world. Our events aid in overcoming the ‘information poverty’ by giving access to relevant and timely information about knowledge and upcoming developmental process to students and youth that are at budding researcher’s level with a view to shape future scientists.

OMICS International conferences like Chemical conferences and Nursing Conferences create a coliseum for strong networking and better exchange of newfangled ideas. The enthusiastic young minds can make the best use of the ‘Best Poster Award’ and 'Young Scientist Award', provides an opportunity to elevate their positions in the highly competitive scientific world.