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Journal of Nephrology & Therapeutics stands out for its excellent contribution in dissemination of cutting edge research in the field of Nephrology and Urology. Since its inception in the year 2011, it has published large number of research articles, reviews and case reports. The journal has become institution of knowledge for doctors, researchers, medical students. Journal of Nephrology & Therapeutics is running in its 6 volume, with approximately 6 issues per year. It has achieved the confidence and interest of numerous researchers across the globe, to publish and propagate their exiting scientific findings through our journal.

Google Analytics has revealed an amazing statistics regarding the popularity of this journal. There were 69,337 page views. The total number of completed sessions was a staggering figure of 5,037. Moreover, globally 69,337 users have been accessed the journal website for information on the journal and the published articles.

Journal of Nephrology & Therapeutics Web Metrics at Glance: Source: Google Analytics

Journal of Nephrology & Therapeutics Google Analytics Metrics: At Glimpse

• More than 69,337 Visitors visiting the journal site to read the published articles or submit their research outcomes

• Highest number of Visitors reporting both from the developed and developing nations

• Majority of the visitors have come from India (32.48), United States (17.52%), Japan (5.47%), Italy (3.65), Turkey (3.28), Iran (2.92), Poland (2.19) and Canada (1.82%).

• The Journal received prodigious contemplation from the researchers concerning visits from St.Louis, La Victoria, Rio de Janeiro, Houston, New York, Great Falls, Osakasayama, Orlando and Chiba etc.

• The average Time spent by the visitor for each session is 1.21 Minute.

A statistical representation of global users for Journal of Nephrology & Therapeutics (Source: Google Analytics)

Visitor Analysis Report

Reasons for enlisting Journal of Nephrology & Therapeutics on top of search engines: (Source: Google)

It was seen academic researchers are inclined towards the articles published in the journal along with their respective profiles and abstracts which are getting highest visibility and readership.

The most efficient way of growth for researchers is through their constant excellent scientific contributions which published in the respective suitable journal. Under the subject coverage Paediatrics was found one of such leading periodical which extensive attention from across the globe.

The journal renders authors an outstanding opportunity to publish their contributions in the field of Nephrology & Therapeutics to increase their visibility to the global scientific community and thus obtaining international recognition from their fellow researchers.

The articles published in this journal since 1 year is receiving attention from the diabetes and autoimmune diseases. Renal failure, Glomerular disorders, Urine abnormalities, renal vascular diseases, Kidney and bladder stones, Kidney infections, infections and cancer etc. are some of the diseases that may affect the function of the kidneys. ‘Nephrology’ offers therapeutic solutions like dialysis, kidney transplantation and surgery to cure various kidneys related diseases and related professionals as well as receiving regular citations.


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Journals published OMICS International is frequently receiving responses from the authors and readers globally. Multiple journals published in various subjects including Medical, Pharma, Engineering, Sciences, Technology and Business attracting more than 14,026,825 users with more than 44,743, 084 page views. The observed analytics values are sufficient to quantifyour journals popularity among the scientific community. Moreover, our authors and Editors profiles are also receiving tremendous visibility from their fellow colleagues through our online portals and getting recognition worldwide.

A Glance at Web Metrics: (Source: Google Analytics)
•    25 Million+ Visitors
•    14,026,825 + users
•    44,743,084 + page views

Our journals have received 20,064,835+ sessions so far with a rate of 69.91% of new sessions which confirms the outstanding pool of new users and visitors for OMICS International journals. Open Access publishing is model has become the best choice for the authors worldwide. Due to fast and constructive peer review process, avoiding unnecessary time delay in production, and incredible ever growing visibility of the published article along with branding and promotional activity revolutionized the publishing system. OMICS journals are serving as one of the pioneer publishing medium in this context.

Articles published in OMICS International journals are receiving excellent citations and visibility worldwide. At OMICS we respect your research efforts and showcase them with utmost care

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Web Analytics are best means of measuring concrete details like how many people are visiting our websites, how many of those visitors are the unique visitors and how many of them are staying long to view the complete information available in our sites. The following snapshots of some of our websites will clearly depict the metrics how our conferences stand at par to the other conferences in terms of Visibility, outreach, Participation Number and relevance to their subject.

The metrics of these websites represents more than 25+ Million visitors in addition to this we also equipped with 10 additional scientific websites represents 10+ Million visitors traffic to our conference websites.

A statistical representation of global users for (Source: Google Analytics)

Visitor Analysis Report

A statistical representation of global users for (Source: Google Analytics)

Visitor Analysis Report

A statistical representation of global users for (Source: Google Analytics)

Visitor Analysis Report

A statistical representation of global users for (Source: Google Analytics)

Visitor Analysis Report

A statistical representation of global users for (Source: Google Analytics)

Visitor Analysis Report

A statistical representation of global users for (Source: Google Analytics)

Visitor Analysis Report