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Open Access Publishers have been in use since the dawn of the century with and since then it has been doing analysis and publishing research based on different precincts of the scientific and technical areas. Moreover, the idea to dissipate the information, at large, has been a tedious task and requires inputs from the diverse community at every stage of its processing. The prime objective is to make the research visible and freely accessible to each and every individual, beyond social and economic and geographic barriers. The key contributors for this threshold in business enterprise square measure Open Access Publishers. OMICS International Open Access Publishers cluster International community platform as its motive and goal, which has been undefeated in creating its mark in scientific community with numerous peer-reviewed journals that publishes outstanding original literature, information and monographs on recent trends, solutions.

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Scholars can gain tremendous professional benefits from increased dissemination of their work. The literature that should be freely accessible online is that which scholars give to the world without expectation of payment. As, most of the attention on changes in scholarly publishing has been focused on e-journals. Scientists currently rely on publishing in peer reviewed high quality journals to show that their research itself is of good quality, is of importance to their field of research, and consequently improves their chances of obtaining funding to continue their work. Open Access Publisher not only brings literature to public-access approach, but actually improve the exchange of knowledge that is so vital to their work which have greater impact in scientific community. Articles published under open access publishing are immediately available worldwide with unlimited access to the readers. Open Access Publisher put effort to provide free online access to scientific and scholarly research literature, especially peer-reviewed journal articles and their preprints.

The core concept of Open Access Publisher(s) is to remove price barriers, permission barriers and to provide literature freely accessible online to scientists, students and aspiring researchers, only escalating the importance and essentiality of the open access type of publishing. As there are no subscription charges for open access journals, a fee is payable by the author or research funder to cover the costs associated with publication. The articles published through OMICS Group International are of world class high-quality which is attained through its expert database from varied profession, expertise and experience. Many Journals of OMICS Group International have been rated top journals in Scholarly Publishing and are being indexed in prominent indexing services, and are being accolade by scientific community as one of the Best Open Access Journals.

Scientific research goes through the quality control filter of peer review and journals act as gatekeepers performing quality-assuring peer review, and who provide web-based repositories. OMICS International employs peer review methods to maintain standards of quality, improve performance, and provide credibility. The work subjected may be accepted, considered acceptable with revisions, or rejected. Free Journals expands dissemination and wider sharing of research material on the internet gives broader access to the needed resources.

To be recognized as an authoritative, high-quality source of information, a journal must be widely available. Indexing is critical to the quality of the research. The first measure of an index is the scale and scope of its coverage. OMICS International facilitate the broadest dissemination of information by pointing researchers to articles that are relevant to the field by Indexing the Academic Journals in various well known indexing and abstracting services.

One way of measuring quality is by Impact Factors calculated from citation data. It is the tool for evaluating the relative importance of a journal within its field, with journals of higher journal impact factors deemed to be more important than those with lower ones of scholarly publications. It is calculated by taking the total number of citations a journal has received in the past year and dividing by the total number of articles it has published in the previous two years. Within the scientific community, journal impact factors play a large role.

OMICS International organizes scientific events globally which helps to promote and make science accessible to everyone. Scientific gatherings cover popular biology, medical, and experimental research peer-reviewed conferences that connect the scientific community and accelerate life science discovery. These conferences are the platforms to highlight the achievements and successes of scientists in their respective field.

This mission of Open Access Publisher(s) is to exchange information, setting standards, advancing models, advocacy, education, and the promotion of innovation which will be carried out by OMICS Group International significantly increasing the reach of research.