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About Scientific Reports

Open Access Scientific Reports  a rising era in publishing
Open Access Scientific Reports is an online, open access, primary research publication covering all areas of Clinical, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medical Sciences, Chemistry and Life Sciences.
Hosted on  the home of over 200 journals published by OMICS International and the destination for two millions of readers globally  Open Access Scientific Reports is open to all, publishing scientifically sound, original research papers of interest to specialists within their field, without barriers to access.
Open Access Scientific Reports is committed to providing a streamlined service for both authors and readers, and exists to facilitate the rapid review and publication of research. With the support of an external reviewers and a streamlined review system, all papers are promptly and fairly reviewed to ensure they are scientifically sound. An internal publishing team works with the accepted authors, to assure manuscripts are processed for publication as quickly as possible.
Rapid dissemination of accepted papers to the expansive possible audience is achieved through a continuous online publication. Open Access Scientific Reports supremacy the technology and experience of OMICS International to ensure that published manuscripts are enhanced by pioneering web technologies.
All accepted papers will be published on payment of an article-processing charge (Open Access Publication Fee).
Open Access Scientific Reports are:
  • Accelerate rapid review publication
  • Accurate review by at least two members of the scientific community
  • Open Access articles are freely available to all.
  • Outstanding Visibility  enhanced browsing to ensure your article is noticed
  • Intertwine  to and from related articles across
  • World-wide  assembled on with global media coverage.