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Engineering Conferences, Workshops, Symposiums, Meetings 2016-2017
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Engineering Conferences, Workshops, Symposiums, Meetings 2016-2017

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Engineering is the innovative use of logical standards to outline or create structures, machines, apparatus, or assembling procedures, or works using them separately or in blend or to conjecture their conduct under particular working conditions; all as regards an expected capacity, financial aspects of operation or wellbeing to life and property. Engineering is a wide discipline which is frequently separated into a few sub-disciplines. These orders fret about varying territories of Engineering work. To discuss the issues and accomplishments in the field of engineering Conference Series LLC LTD Conferences has taken the initiation to gather the world class experts both from academic and industry in a common platform at its Engineering Conferences. Conference Series LLC LTD’s Engineering conferences focus on core multidisciplinary research of the following conferences:

3D Printing 2019

3rd International Conference on 3D Printing Technology and Innovations (3D Printing 2019)

March 25-26, 2019 Rome | Italy

Showcasing the future of 3D printing in Engineering and Medicine

3D Printing 2019: There is a tremendous growth in 3D printing Technology and huge demand for sellers and buyers of technology and devices. Printing technology has been evolved as an interim field science and has witness a huge market potential in establishing a new business module in the field of construction, designing, automobile engineering, architecture and more. This event will bring leading engineers, architects, industrialists, entrepreneurs, delegates and investors under one roof to explore the cutting edge technology at 3D printing Congress March 2019, Rome.

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Wireless 2019

5th International Conference on Wireless, Telecommunication & IoT (Wireless 2019)

June 20-21, 2019 | Rome, Italy

Connect and Communicate the Trendz of Technology

Wireless 2019 offers an opportunity for exchange of thoughts and authoritative views by chief scientists as well as business tycoons and investors in this stimulating field. It will join world-class professors, business professionals, scientists, directors of companies, delegates, industrialists, researchers and students in the field of Wireless, Telecommunication and IoT to exchange information on their latest research advancements. Our aim is to bring together bright minds to give talks that are idea-focused and on advancements, achievements, implementations & indigenous research by eminent personalities.

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Automobile Europe 2019

6th International Conference and Exhibition on Automobile & Mechanical Engineering (Automobile Europe 2019)

July 08-09, 2019 Zurich | Switzerland

Advanced Technologies in Automobile & Mechanical Engineering

Automobile Europe 2019 is the highly exalted conference hosted by Conference Series was marked with the attendance of automotive engineering experts, business & academic delegates and talented students representing more than 15 countries around the world. The conference covered every aspect and area related to the modern applications of automotive engineering. The two days event implants a firm relation of upcoming strategies in the field of Automotive engineering between the scientific and the industrial community. The conceptual and applicable knowledge shared, will also foster organizational collaborations to nurture scientific accelerations.

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Wind Energy 2019

3rd World Congress on Wind & Renewable Energy (Wind Energy 2019)

July 10-11, 2019 Barcelona| Spain

Green Energy and Environmental Protection

Wind Energy 2019 Today, a fifth of the world’s electricity is produced by renewable energy. In 2016, there were 160GW of clean energy installations globally which is 10% more than in 2015, but they cost almost a quarter less. New solar power gave the biggest boost, providing half of all new capacity, followed by wind power, which provided a third, and hydropower, which gave 15%. The 2-day Wind Energy Congress brings together experts, researchers, scholars and students from all areas of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Control Engineering, Mechanics and other related areas, Wind energy associations, Turbine traders, generating and planning professionals, Developers, Contractors, planning and Design, Consultancy, Turbines and controllers manufacturers.

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Data Mining 2019

6th International Conference on Big Data Analysis and Data Mining (Data Mining 2019)

July 25-26, 2019 London | United Kingdom

Future Technologies for Knowledge Discoveries in Data

Data Mining 2019 conference aimed to expand its coverage in the areas of Big Data and Data Mining where expert talks, young researcher’s presentations will be placed in every session of the meeting will be inspired and keep up your enthusiasm. We feel our expert Organizing Committee is our major asset. However, your presence over the venue will add one more feather to the crown of Data Mining 2019.

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Cloud Computing 2019

9th International conference on Data Analysis and Cloud Computing (Cloud Computing 2019)

September 26-27, 2019 Barcelona | Spain

The Next Evolution of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing 2019: 9th International Conference on Data Analysis and Cloud Computing is scheduled to be held during September 26-27, 2019 at Barcelona, Spain. Cloud Computing 2019 will help you to better understand how to develop the right statement and delivery strategy with a strong scientific, technical and commercial mind set and how innovative scientific techniques, emerging technologies and innovative devices can transform data analysis and cloud computing concepts. Cloud Computing Conferences provides the perfect platform for data analysis, cloud computing, machine learning, AI research technology, big data professionals, researchers, professors, engineers, data scientists, scientific communities, delegates, students, business professionals and executives to discuss and learn about recent and future technologies in Cloud Computing

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