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For Referees

Guide to Referees
  1. About Open Access Scientific Reports
  2. Criteria for publication
  3. The review process
  4. Selecting reviewers
  5. Confidentiality
  6. Timing
  7. Anonymity
About Open Access Scientific Reports: Open Access Scientific Reports is an online, open access, primary research publication covering all areas of Clinical, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medical Sciences, Chemistry and Life Sciences.
Criteria for publication: To be published in Open Access Scientific Reports, a paper must be scientifically sound. It will be the responsibility of the Author to assure all papers meet this criterion via the review process. Assessment about the importance of a paper will be made by the scientific community after publication.
The review process: Manuscripts assessed to be technically and scientifically sound will be sent for formal review. At this point the Open Access Scientific Reports Publishing Team has the following option:
  • The Open Access Scientific Reports Publishing Team may choose to contact one or more reviewers who are not affiliated with Open Access Scientific Reports to conduct the review
After consideration, the Open Access Scientific Reports Publishing Team will make one of the following decisions:
  • Accept, with or without revisions
  • Invite the authors to revise their manuscript to inscribe specific concerns before a final decision is reached.
  • Reject, but declare to the authors that further work might justify a resubmission
  • Reject straightforward.
Selecting reviewers: Reviewer selection is decisive to the review process, and the Open Access Scientific Reports Publishing Team should locate their choice on many factors, including expertise, specific recommendations, and experience. When inviting reviewers to review manuscripts the Open Access Scientific Reports Publishing Team will send confidential information with the invitation letter, which should be treated as such.
Confidentiality: We request all external reviewers to treat the review process as strictly confidential, and not to exchange the views on the manuscript with anyone not directly involved in the review. It is acceptable to consult with laboratory colleagues, but please correlate them to the Open Access Scientific Reports Publishing Team.
Timing: Open Access Scientific Reports is committed to prompt decisions and publication, and we believe that an effective and active process is a valuable service to our authors and to the scientific community as a whole. We therefore ask reviewers to respond instantly (within two weeks of receiving a manuscript. If reviewers anticipate a longer delay, we ask them to let the Open Access Scientific Reports Publishing Team to know so that we can keep the authors informed and, where necessary, find alternative reviewers.
Anonymity: We do not release reviewers' identities to authors or to other reviewers, except when reviewers specifically ask to be identified.
We ask referees not to correlate themselves to authors without the Open Access Scientific Reports Publishing Team knowledge. If they wish to reveal their identities, this should be done via Open Access Scientific Reports' publishing team.
We regret any attempt by authors to confront reviewers or determine their identities. Our own policy is to neither confirm nor deny any speculation about reviewers' identities, and we endorse reviewers to consider adopting a similar policy.