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OMICS International Arrest Predatory Practice | OMICS Predatory Arrest
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OMICS International

The resources of knowledge have transcended realms of the real world into virtual information space of the internet and digital media. Certain publishers are thought to be rolling out too many titles for readers through relatively aggressive forms of marketing that is characterized by an intense pitch, often involving forms of rapid-fire mass mails and other methodologies to reach the customer by spam approach. These techniques have been under the scanner of regulatory bodies which have deemed it as predatory.

OMICS International is glad to announce its recent initiative of acquiring journals from reputed publishers. So far journals have been acquired from Aston Journals (USA), Ashdin Publishers (USA), LibPubMedia (UK), La Prensa Medica (Argentina) & Oral Health and Dental Management (Romania), respectively.
To know more:
Since the last decade or recent years, a specific term has been introduced to describe certain spirited players in the market, and one of these is the use of predatory description, specifically for an online business on account of inadvertent communication gap in payment mode or time-frame, giving rise to conflicts of interest. However, there is a very thin line between the good and bad practices. One needs a very careful investigation and development of a broader sight with an independent approach.
If we consider general market scenarios, skimming strategy of market penetration has been compared to that of predatory practices in several product or service categories. This has thrown open a debate about the extent of pushing or positioning the product or service with a sharp pitch and an impactful brand message that is often delivered to the masses through means that are deemed unsolicited. Firms are also known to have reportedly spent millions per year to defend themselves against predatory claims. In such a situation, consumers have often had some reservations about the emails they are to opt-in, or just ignore those as good as junk.

The open access journals published by the OMICS International undergo a quality checking procedure for approving only those manuscripts that abide by the standards of genuine scientific research reports. Papers rejected on any grounds whatsoever, are not liable to be charged. A finalized manuscript that heads for inclusion into any of the scientific journals, carries handling charges. Nevertheless, the specifics about payment scheme are conveyed to prospective authors through the website of OMICS International as part of essential information for those submitting manuscripts.

The concept of open access publishing has been labelled by certain groups as fake or dubious, and that those are into active spam, while a scientific organization does not have the means for safeguarding itself from recurring complaints. The wiki pages and the content in Wikipedia about open access publishing speak volumes of its benefits. Nevertheless, it is high time for the publishing entities and open access advocates to maintain reputation and utilize their resources to preventing of scam and building more positive review and tackling fake claims. As with any other system in place, open access movement has witnessed its own bad times with its opponents targeting the industry with the blame of predatory approach.