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Reputation Gaining through Open Access


OMICS International is a scientific organization that publishes open access journals for rapid dissemination of scientific updates, along with related scientific conferences for interaction between delegates and owners. The rate of rise of OMICS International and its contribution to the progress of science has set a benchmark in a short time and has won praise from several quarters. The recent efforts by few vested interests and competitors to malign the reputation of the open access journals have done more harm than good to the progress of science.

OMICS International is glad to announce its recent initiative of acquiring journals from reputed publishers. So far journals have been acquired from Aston Journals (USA), Ashdin Publishers (USA), LibPubMedia (UK), La Prensa Medica (Argentina) & Oral Health and Dental Management (Romania), respectively.
To know more: The claims from various rivals and the doubts over the authentic nature of the journals has fuelled reputation issues that the OMICS International is courageous enough to tackle, despite the onslaught of rumours alleging fake editors and manuscripts. The open access journals are tracked and handled using standard tool such as the Editorial Manager® system by a vendor, and a credible quality check team.
The open access journals are indexed in standard platforms that are recognised in scientific circles. The reputation of open access journals indexed by these platforms ought to be at a higher level than other scholarly publications. The OMICS International invites critics to have an independent evaluation of the number of journals and the quality of the same for the purpose of its reputation, in its right as an open access publisher, without deliberately defaming any other entity.

OMICS International conferences have managed to pave trade routes between scientists & industry professionals in the concerned discipline. The conferences have seen a steady rise of Industry & Academic participants over the past 5 years. The year 2012 witnessed 50 such events and has been recorded in the concerned rosters. The dates and proceedings can be found on the official website as part of the reports of past conferences. The fabric of support has been provided from the industry who have lacked our events bring us good reputation.

The concept of open access publishing has been labelled by certain groups as fake or dubious, and that those are into active spam, while a scientific organization do not have the means for safeguarding itself from recurring complaints. The wiki pages and content in Wikipedia about open access publishing speak volumes of its benefits. Nevertheless, it is high time for the publishing entities and open access advocates to maintain reputation and utilize their resources to preventing of scam and building more positive review and tackling fake claims. As with any other system in place, the open access movement has witnessed its own bad times with its opponents targeting the industry with the blame of predatory approach.