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Enzyme Kinetics Peer Review Journals

OMICS Group International is one of the leading Open Access Publishing houses, which has around 700+ peer-reviewed journals, 50,000+ editorial board members, and highly qualified, expert reviewers to meet the objectives of the Peer-Review Process. OMICS Group International peer-review policies are highly appreciated, accepted and adaptable to the criteria that have been prescribed by the international agencies such as NIH, PubMed etc. OMICS Group International also organizes 3000+ International Scientific Conferences per year globally. There is a great deal of information out there on scientific topics. However, whether it can be trusted or not is a key issue at present. The main question that often emerges in this aspect is about the review process adopted to screen the articles for publication. One of the most acceptable and proven process adopted in majority reputed international journals is peer reviewing. Kinetic modeling is an indispensible part of in vitro drug metabolism and/or inhibition studies. Psidiumguajava Linn leaf is used traditionally in Indian medicine to control hypertension in human. The aim of this work was to study the hypotensive effect of Psidiumguajava Linn. leaf extract in human. Hypertension is due to the activity of the Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of the inactive Angiotensin I to the active Angiotensin II. Angiotensin II functions as a potent vasoconstrictor causing hypertension. Hence, ACE inhibitors are considered to be the first choice treatment of hypertension. The ACE inhibitory activity of Psidiumguajava Linn.leaf extract in human was studied by its in vitro inhibitory effect on human serum-ACE using the substrate FA-PGG (N-(3-(2-Furyl) acryloyl)-L-phenylalanyl-glycyl-glycine). The enzyme kinetics of ACE inhibition was investigated by Michaelis-Menten kinetics and Lineweaver-Burk graph and Vmax and Km values were calculated.The results show that there is a decrease in both Vmax and Km values in the presence of Psidumguajava leaf extract. The decreased Vmax and Km seen with Psidiumguajava indicates that Psidiumguajava binds to other alternative sites rather than the active site of the ACE and hence the inhibition is uncompetitive. The decreased Vmax/Km value indicates decreased catalytic ability/affinity of enzyme-substrate due to the presence of the inhibitor Psidiumguajava leaf extract. From these we could conclude that P. guajava Linn leaf extract inhibit human serum-ACE uncompetitively and it has hypotensive effects in human. (Jomon Sebastian, Evaluation of in vitro angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitory activity of Psidiumguajava Linn. leaf extract and a study on enzyme kinetics)
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Last date updated on November, 2020