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Healthcare Journals

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Healthcare involves diagnosis, prevention, cure and rehabilitation of patients affected by one or more health disorders. Healthcare industry is synonymously known as medical industry or health economy. It is one of the fastest emerging industries of the globe involving public health issues of the massive global population. It caters to the needs of the affected and needy population in terms of physical, physiological and psychological illness, by offering treatment and management services. The industry includes several sub sectors including healthcare providers, technicians, clinicians, paramedical personnel, palliative care providers, pharmacists, and experts that excel in medical and surgical fields.

Healthcare Journals Impact Factors List

Journal Name Journal Impact Factor* Citations Report
Quality in Primary Care 1.55
4.73 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
Diversity & Equality in Health and Care 1.43
2.45 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
Journal of Community Medicine & Health Education 0.73
2.15 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
Clinical Investigation 1.08
1.75 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
Dentistry 0.83
1.08 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
Primary Healthcare: Open Access 0.33
0.85 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
Journal of Spine & Neurosurgery  0.222 Citations Report
Health Care : Current Reviews 2.33 Citations Report
Medical Safety & Global Health 1.65 Citations Report
Health Science Journal 1.63 Citations Report
Occupational Medicine & Health Affairs 0.83 Citations Report
Journal of General Practice 0.82 Citations Report
General Medicine: Open Access 0.63 Citations Report
Reconstructive Surgery & Anaplastology 0.6 Citations Report
Journal of Nursing & Care 0.583 Citations Report
Journal of Womens Health, Issues and Care 0.517  Citations Report
Journal of Health Education Research & Development 0.5 Citations Report
Tropical Medicine & Surgery 0.41 Citations Report
Family Medicine & Medical Science Research 0.36 Citations Report
Journal of Womens Health Care 0.36 Citations Report
Surgery: Current Research 0.28 Citations Report
Emergency Medicine: Open Access 0.25 Citations Report
Journal of Preventive Medicine 0.25 Citations Report
Universal Surgery 0.08 Citations Report
Research & Reviews: Journal of Medical and Health Sciences 0.08 Citations Report
Advances in Oncology Research and Treatments 0.07 Citations Report
Health & Medical Economics 0.05 Citations Report
Journal of Healthcare Communications - Citations Report
International Journal of Collaborative Research on Internal Medicine & Public Health - Citations Report
Journal of Palliative Care & Medicine - Citations Report
Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery - -
Health Systems and Policy Research - Citations Report
Research & Reviews: Journal of Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy - -
Journal of Heart Health and Circulation - -
Aerobics & Fitness - -
Journal of Intensive and Critical Care - -
Journal of Surgery and Anesthesia - -
Advanced Practices in Nursing - Citations Report
Research & Reviews: Journal of Nursing and Health Sciences - -
Insights in Medical Physics - -
Diagnostic Pathology: Open Access - Citations Report
Journal of Medical Implants & Surgery - -
Journal of Surgery and Emergency Medicine - -
International Journal of Public Health and Safety - Citations Report
Hospital & Medical Management - Citations Report
Insights in Neurosurgery - -
Medical Reports & Case Studies - -
Journal of Eye & Cataract Surgery - -
Journal of Surgery [Jurnalul de Chirurgie] - Citations Report
Cardiovascular Investigations: Open Access - -
Clinical Depression - -
Journal of Patient Care - -
Pediatric Emergency Care and Medicine: Open Access - -
Cancer Surgery - -
Clinical & Medical Biochemistry - Citations Report

List of Healthcare Management Conferences

International Conference on Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies August 7-8, 2017 London, UK
5th International Conference on Medical Informatics & Telemedicine August 31-01 September, 2017 Prague, Czech Republic
2nd International Conference on Environmental Health & Global Climate Change September 7- 8, 2017 Paris, France
World Congress on Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare September 07-09 2017, Radisson Blu Edwardian Heathrow Hotel London, UK
3rd International Conference on Wound Care, Tissue Repair & Regenerative Medicine September 11-12, 2017 Dallas, USA
6th International Conference and Exhibition on Occupational Health & Safety September 13-14, 2017 Dallas, USA
4th International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics September 18-19, 2017 Philadelphia, USA
2nd International Conference on General Practice & Primary Care September 18-19, 2017 Zurich, Switzerland
2nd World Congress on Medical Sociology & Community Health September 25-26, 2017 Atlanta, USA
3rd International Conference on Sports Medicine and Fitness October 05-06 2017 Barcelona, Spain
12th World Congress on Healthcare and Medical Tourism October 16-17, 2017 Dubai, UAE
6th International Conference on Clinical & Medical Case Reports October 16-18, 2017 San Francisco, USA
6th International Conference on Epidemiology & Public Health October 23-25, 2017 Paris, France
6th International Conference on Medical & Nursing Education November 6-8, 2017 Vienna, Austria
2nd International Conference on Healthcare & Hospital Management November 6-7, 2017 Vienna, Austria
2nd International Conference on Advances in Skin, Wound Care and Tissue Science November 9-10, 2017 Frankfurt, Germany
3rd World Congress on Public Health, Nutrition & Epidemiology November 13-14, 2017 Osaka, Japan
3rd World Congress on Public Health & Nutrition February 26-28, 2018 London, UK
10th Asia Pacific Global Summit on Healthcare Singapore City, Singapore
3rd World Congress on Health Economics & Patient Safety April 13-14, 2018 Amsterdam, Netherlands
9th Edition of International Conference on Preventive Medicine & Public Health Jul 16-17, 2018 London, UK
Hospice Palliative Care 2018 Melbourne, Australia
4th World Congress on Public Health, Nutrition & Epidemiology August 24-25, 2018 Tokyo, Japan
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