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Genetics & Molecular Biology Conferences

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Genetics is the study of genes, inheritance and variation in living organisms. It is commonly considered a field of biology which intersects frequently with many of life sciences and is strongly related with the study of information systems. Genetics work in combination with an organism's experience and environment to influence behaviour and development. The extra- or intra-cellular environment of organism or a cell may switch gene record on or off. A good example is two seeds of heritably identical corn; one placed in an arid climate and one in a temperate climate. While the average height of the two corn stalks may be heritably determined to be equal, the one in the arid climate only grows to half the height of the one in the temperate weather, due to lack of nutrients and water in its environment.

Tissue Science 2018

Tissue Science Conferences | Regenerative Medicine Conferences | Tissue Engineering | Stem Cell Bio Banking Conferences

Tissue Science is organized for 2 days that brings together an interdisciplinary group of professionals working in the field of Tissue Science and Regenerative Medicine. Major professional groups included: Tissue Science and Regenerative Medicine Researchers, Practitioners, Tissue Science and Regenerative Medicine Faculty, Scientists, Medical Colleges, Professors, Directors, Young researchers, Tissue Science and Regenerative Medicine Associations and Societies, Manufacturing Medical Devices Companies. The field of Tissue Science and Regenerative Medicine is growing rapidly and its development is making tremendous impacts in medical field. The Tissue Science  2018 conference is scheduled to take place on August 24-25, 2018 at Singapore.

Conference Highlights:  Tissue EngineeringGene and Immunotherapy | Biomaterials and Bioengineering | Cell and Organ RegenerationBiotechnology and nanotechnology in stem cellsSoft Tissue Replacement |Stem Cell BioprocessingRegenerative RehabilitationAnti-Aging, Regenerative and functional MedicineBiomedical Engineering Techniques Applications of Tissue Engineering | Tissue Repair and RegenerationStem Cell Treatments Cellular and gene TherapiesBone Tissue Engineering |  Bio BankingRegenerative Medicine Market

Conference Manager: Olivia
Contact E: [email protected] | [email protected]
Contact T: 17025085200 Ext: 8061

Stem Cell Biology Conferences 2018

Stem Cell Conferences Cell Biology Conferences Genetic Conferences Tissue Engineering Conferences

Stem Cell Biology Conferences is organized for 2 days that brings together an interdisciplinary group of professionals working in the field of Stem cell and biobanking research. Major professional groups included: Stem cell researchers, Practitioners, Stem cell laboratory heads, Biobanking investors, Professors, Directors, Young researchers. The field of Stem Cell and Biobanking medicine is growing rapidly, and its development is making tremendous impacts in regenerative medicine and health care. Stem Cell Biology 2018 conference is scheduled to take place on September 3-4, 2018 at Tokyo, Japan.

Conference Highlights: Personalized MedicineCord Blood BankingStem Cell BiotechnologyStem Cell Biology Conferences 2018 JapanStem Cell Biology Conferences 2018 Asia | Cell Tissue Bank  | Stem Cell Plasticity | Pluripotent Stem Cells Stem Cell Transplantation |  Stem Cell Niche Regenerative Medicine Adult Stem Cells Embryonic Stem CellsStem Cell Apoptosis and Signal TransductionComputational Biology in Stem Cells | Epigenetics | BiobankingBiobank Ethics | Stem Cell in Drug Development Stem Cell NanotechnologyStem Cell BiomarkersCell and Gene Therapy

Conference Manager: Emmy Watson
Contact E: [email protected] | [email protected]
Contact T: 17025085200 Ext: 8061

World Gastroenterology 2018

17th International Conference on Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Gastroenterology Conferences 2018 | Liver Conferences | Endoscopy Meetings | Obesity Events

17th International Conference on Gastroenterology and Hepatology describes the impact the field of Gastroenterology on the day to day lives of patients with various gastro-intestinal diseases. The conference program is designed such that it brings together the gastroenterology specialists with some of the innovative and exciting research addressing the limitations faced in the real-time and post-operative therapies. The World Gastroenterology 2018 conference is scheduled to take place on September 03-04, 2018 at Dubai, UAE.

Conference Highlights:
Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Pediatric-Neonatal Gastroenterology and Nutrition, Neuro-Gastroenterology, Gastrointestinal Carcinogenesis and Therapeutics, Gastroenterological Pathology, Liver and Biliary Diseases, Gastrointestinal Disorders and Symptoms, Gastrointestinal Radiology and Imaging, Obesity and Bariatric Surgery, Endoscopic Ultrasonography, Gastroenterological Transplantation, Veterinary Gastroenterology, Gastrointestinal Diseases during Pregnancy and Lactation, Recent advance treatment in Gastroenterology


16th Annual Conference on Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

Pathology Conferences  | Laboratory medicine Events | Pathology Lab Management Conferences 2018 | Laboratory Analysts Meetings 2018

The 16th Annual Conference on LABORATORY MEDICINE AND PATHOLOGY is going to be held during September 17-18, 2018 at Abu Dhabi, UAE. The gathering is based on the Theme “LabMedPath: Elements of Laboratory as Core in Diagnosing Diseases” and will involves the Laboratory Analysts, Pathologists, Professors, Researchers, Students and Technical Staff from the field of laboratory pathology and medicine, Delegates from various industries, Directors/Co-Directors of Research based laboratories across the world who are investing in laboratory Pathology and medicine, Healthcare Professionals, Head of department, Clinical Pathologist, Pathology Organizations and societies, Pharmaceutical (drug design and discovery) companies, Laboratory chemical Industries, Researchers who utilize laboratory analytical techniques and knowledge in the diagnosis of various samples and management as well, Doctors, Clinical organizations, Laboratory institutions, Educational institutions, Healthcare professionals.

Conference Highlights:
Clinical Microbiology & Microscopy, Laboratory Management, Diagnostic Laboratory Medicine & Hematology, Automation in Laboratory Analysis, Transfusion Pathology & Medicine, Cytogenetics, Antibiotics in Laboratory Medicine & Blotting Techniques, Clinical Applications of Molecular Biology, Laboratory Toxicology, Molecular pathology & Medical Diagnosis, Tissue Engineering, Surgical Pathology & Anatomical Pathology, Cytopathology & Histopathology, Renal Pathology & Dermatopathology, Radiation Pathology, Clinical Chemistry

Epitranscriptomics 2018

International Epigenetics and Epitranscriptomics Conference

Epigenetics Conferences | Human Genetics Conferences | Epitranscriptomics Conferences 2018

International Epigenetics and Epitranscriptomics Conference is a relatively new field in the world of genetics and a brand new look at the RNA field of Genetics and Molecular Biology which studies the structure and function of genes at a molecular level. The consider of chromosomes and quality expression of a life form can provide knowledge into heredity, hereditary mutation, and changes. This is valuable to study the developmental biology and treating the hereditary diseases. Epitranscriptomics 2018 revolves around the Theme: “The Evolving Landscape of Epigenetic Research" which is all about simplifying the complex phenomenon behind Epigenetic mechanism & protein expression. The Epitranscriptomics 2018 conference is scheduled to take place on September 17-18, 2018 at Dubai, UAE.

Conference Highlights:
Epigenetics, Epigenetic Mechanisms, Genomes and Epigenomes, Computational Epigenetics, Epigenetics and Environmental Origins of Cancer, Epigenetics in Cardiovascular Disease, Pharmacogenomics & Personalized Medicine, Nutritional Epigenetics, Epigenetic Diseases – Clinical Applications, Current Case Studies in Epigenetics and Epitranscriptomics, Plant Epigenetics, Translational Epigenetics, Epigenetic Drug Discovery, Stem cells  and Epigenetics, Epitranscriptomics, RNA editing in Epitranscriptomics, Epitranscriptomics for Biomedical Discovery, Epigenetics Biomarkers, Clinical studies of Epigenetics and Epitranscriptomics

Synthetic Biomaterial Congress 2018

Synthetic Biomaterial Conferences Tissue Science and Regenerative Medicine ConferencesSynthetic Biology Conferences | Advanced Biomaterial Conferences

Synthetic Biomaterial Congress  is organized for 2 days that brings together an interdisciplinary group of professionals working in the field Synthetic Biology and Advanced Biomaterials. Major professional groups included: Synthetic Biology researchers, Tissue Science Practitioners, Synthetic Biomaterial Faculties, Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science and Nanomaterial Associations and Societies, Business Entrepreneurs, Professors, Directors, Young researchers. The field of Synthetic Biomaterial Congress is growing rapidly and its development is making tremendous impacts in Research field. Synthetic Biomaterial Congress 2018 conference is scheduled to take place on September19-20, 2018 at Tokyo, Japan.

Conference Highlights: Advanced DNA Sequencing | Animal and Tissue Engineering | Biology Engineering | Chemistry of Biology | Ethics in Synthetic Biology | Gene Synthesis | Industrial Biotechnology | P4 medicine | Synthetic Biology | Synthetic biology drugs  | Synthetic Biology medicine | Synthetic Biotechnology  | Synthetic Genomics | Bioengineering Application | Biomaterial Science | Biomedical Equipment
| Biomedical Instrumentation | Biomedical science| Biomedical Services | Biomimetic

Conference Manager: Ana John
Contact E: [email protected] | [email protected]
Contact T: 17025085200 Ext: 8061

Tissue Repair 2018

10th Tissue Repair and Regeneration Congress

Tissue Repair Conferences | Regenerative Medicine Congress | Wound Healing Meetings| Tissue Engineering Events 2018

10th Tissue Repair and Regeneration Congress scheduled in September 20-21, 2018 in Dubai, UAE, with the theme “Mounting cavernously in the field of Tissue Repair and Regeneration” has the platform to fulfill the essentials in the transformation of science of hope, to serve promptly with solutions to all the needs.   Tissue Repair 2018 will have participants   across the world to discuss the Congress goal.  Tissue Repair 2018 will encompass recent researches and findings in Tissue Repair and Regeneration technologies, stem cell therapies and transplantations and other advancements in stem cell research and Tissue science.  The major scientific sessions in Tissue Repair 2018 will focus on the latest and exciting innovations in prominent areas of Tissue science.

Conference Highlights:
Tissue Repair and Regeneration, Stem cell in tissue repair , Tissue culture and Preservation, Cell and Organ regeneration, Application of Tissue engineering, Biomaterials in Tissue engineering , Regenerative Medicine, Regeneration and Therapeutics , Tissue Banking , Stem cell Therapy , Biological Tissue Substitute, Cellular basis of tissue repair , Growth factors for healing , Bone Tissue Engineering , Regeneration Rehabilitation.

Biotechnology and Health Care 2018

Biotechnology Conferences | Health Care Conferences  | Biotechnology Meetings | Biotechnology Conventions | Biotech Marketing Conferences | Current Events in Biotechnology

Biotechnology and Health Care 2018 is organized for 2 days that brings together an interdisciplinary group of professionals working in the field of Biotechnology, Medical and Health Care. Major professional groups included: Microbiology researchers, Biochemistry scientists, Food Biotechnology Engineers, Health Care and Medicine expertise, Head of the Departments from the field of Bio Informatics, Biotechnology, Professors, Directors, Young researchers. The field of Biotechnology and Health Care is growing rapidly and its development is making tremendous impacts. Biotech Health Congress 2018 conference is scheduled to take place on October 05-06, 2018 at Osaka, Japan.

Conference Highlights:  Biotechnology Conferences | Biotechnology Meetings | Biotechnology Conventions | biotech marketing conferences | current events in biotechnology | Food Biotechnology |Microbiology |Bio Chemistry |Bio Informatics | Animal Biotechnology| Agriculture Biotechnology |Industrial Biotechnology |Cell Biology  | Genetics | Environmental Biotechnology  |Fermentation Technology |Plant Biotechnology |Nano Biotechnology |Bio Pharmaceuticals |Bio Separation Technology | Medical Biotechnology |Enzyme Technology  |Food Science And Technology  |Bio Production And Bio Energy  | Marine Biotechnology  |Bio Process Dynamics and Control

Conference Manager: JOHN PIERRICK
Contact E: [email protected] | [email protected]
Contact T: 17025085200 Ext: 8061

Plant Genomics 2018

Plant Genomics Conferences | Plant Genomics Meetings | Plant Genomics 2018 | Plant Science 2018 | Asia | Osaka | Japan | 2018

 Plant Genomics 2018 is organized for 2 days that brings together an interdisciplinary group of professionals working in the field of Plant Genomics and Agricultural Sciences. Major professional groups included: Plant Genomic Researchers, Scientists, Agriculturists, Plant Genomic Faculty, Professors, Directors, Young Researchers, Training Institutes, Agricultural Companies. The event focuses on aspects such as breeding, molecular marker development, crop/trait improvement, disease resistance, epigenetics, evolution studies and pathology as well understanding tools to overcome barrier and enable successful data analysis and management. The Plant Genomics 2018 conference is scheduled to take place on August 10-11, 2018 at Osaka, Japan.

Conference Highlights: | Plant and Soil Sciences | Plant Bioinformatics | Transgenic Plants | Plant Cell Biology | Pollen Biology | Plant Chemical Biology | Root Nematodes | Plant Defensins | Plant Developmental Biology | Plant Disease Control | Plant Disease Epidemiology | Plant Disease Resistance | Plant Diseases | Plant Diversity | Protein Prediction | Plant Embryology | Plant Fungi And Diseases | Stress Signaling In Plants | Plant Genetic Engineering | Plant Genetics | Plant Genome Science | Plant Genomics | Plant Hormones | Plant Macronutrient | Plant Metabolic Engineering  | Plant Metabolism And Regulation |

Conference Manager: Mishaal S
Contact E: [email protected] | [email protected]   
Contact T: 17025085200 Ext: 8061


Associations & Societies related to Molecular Biology:

American Society of Gene Therapy
Biotechnology and Biological Research Council
German Resource Centre for Genome Research
European Association of Pharma Biotechnology
European Federation of Biotechnology
European Peptide Society
International Union of Toxicology
American association for cancer research
Alliance for cellular signalling
Australasian Proteomics Society
American Society for Cell Biology
American Society of human genetics
Association for studies in computational biology
The Australian biotechnology association
European federation of biotechnology 
European molecular biology laboratory
The European Association for Bioindustries
The human genome variation society 
The international centre for genetic engineering and biotechnology
World health organization
American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG)

Companies related to Molecular Biology:

Genetic Technologies Group, Fitzroy, Australia
GeneWorks, Hindmarsh, SA, Australia
Aros Applied Biotechnology, Aarhus, Denmark
DNA Technology (Biosearch Technologies), Risskov, Denmark
BN Products & Services, Pargas, Finland
GATC Biotech, Mulhouse, France
Cellectis, Romainville, France
Vectalys, Toulouse, France
GATC Biotech, Constance, Germany
Sciomics, Heidelberg, Germany
Omixon, Budapest, Hungary
Precision Biomarker Resources, Evanston, IL
Takara Bio, Shiga, Japan
Axeq Technologies, Seoul, Korea
Eton Bioscience, Durham, NC
Axeq Technologies, Amsterdam, Netherlands
KeyGene, Wageningen, Netherlands
Real Time Genomics, Hamilton, New Zealand
Genetic Analysis, As, Norway
Empire Genomics, Buffalo, NY
Ambry Genetics, Aliso Viejo, CA, USA
BioSpyder Technologies, Carlsbad, CA, USA
Predictive Biology, Carlsbad, CA, USA
WaferGenBiosystems, Fremont, CA, USA
NeoGenomics, Irvine, CA, USA
Response Genetics, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Color Genomics, Milbrae, CA, USA
10X Genomics, Pleasanton, CA, USA
Genapsys, Redwood City, CA, USA
Agena Bioscience, San Diego, CA, USA
Mesa Tech, San Diego, CA, USA
Retrogen, San Diego, CA, USA
Sequenom, San Diego, CA, USA
ValueGene, San Diego, CA, USA
GigaGen, San Francisco, CA, USA
SciGenom, San Francisco, CA, USA
, Sunnyvale, CA, USA