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Geology Conferences

Geology is a branch of science dealing with the scientific study of the Earth. It mainly concerns with the study of the earth’s origin, structure, composition & history (including the development of life), and the nature of the processes. Therefore, Geology is also known as earth science. The word Geology has been derived from the Greek words ‘Geo’ meaning the Earth and ‘Logos’ meaning Science. The word was first used in 1778 in the work of Jean Andrea de Luc (a Swiss-born scientist who lived at Windsor for much of his life as adviser to Queen Charlotte) and at much the same time in the work of Swiss Chemist, S.B. Saucer. Geologists are the people who study Geology and they are associated mainly with the outer solid shell of the earth composed of rocks, which is known as lithosphere and gives time to time information regarding the changes happening.  It is very important for each and every individual especially students should know what lies beneath the crust and how long back the earth came into existence. A geologist also provides a detailed history of the Earth, like past climates changes, the evolutionary history of life, and plate tectonics changes. In current era geology is commercially important for mineral and hydrocarbon exploitation/ exploration as well as for evaluating water resources. It is also widely been used and important for the forecast and perceptive of natural hazards, the remediation of ecological problems and for providing insights into earlier climate changes. Geology also plays a function in geotechnical engineering and is a most important academic discipline. Geologists search for fuels and minerals, study natural hazards, and work to protect Earth's environment.


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OMICS International is an amalgamation of Open Access Publications and worldwide international science conferences and events. Established in the year 2007 with the sole aim of making the information on Sciences and technology "Open Access", OMICS International publishes 700 online open access Scholarly Journals in all aspects of Science, Engineering, Management and Technology journals. OMICS International has been instrumental in taking the knowledge on Science & technology to the doorsteps of ordinary men and women. Research Scholars, Students, Libraries, Educational Institutions, Research centers and the industry are main stakeholders that benefitted greatly from this knowledge dissemination. OMICS International also organizes 1000 International Conferences annually across the globe, where knowledge transfer takes place through debates, round table discussions, poster presentations, workshops, symposia and exhibitions.

Scope and Importance

In present scenario, Geology provides a systematic knowledge of construction materials, their structure and properties. It also provides fundamental knowledge to the field of Earth and planetary sciences, determining planetary histories.  Development of life on Earth is done by can be understood by the study of Geology. Geological survey provides necessary information in locating water supplies, building & highway placement and mineral resources such as gravel, stone, oil, coal, water, and mineral deposits. The knowledge of ground water Geology is playing a vital role in connection with excavation works, water supply, irrigation and many other purposes. As well the knowledge about the nature of the rock and mineral properties is very necessary in tunnelling, construction roads and in determining the stability of cuts and slopes. The foundation problems of dams, bridges and buildings are directly related with geology of the area where they are to be built. Pre-geological survey of the area concerned reduces the cost of engineering work. Geological maps and sections help considerably in planning many engineering projects. The knowledge of Erosion, landslide, Transportation and Deposition by surface water helps in soil conservation, river control, coastal and harbour works. Geologists will develop the predictive models for earthquake, volcano eruption, and tsunami activity with the knowledge of geology.

OMICS International Conference series organises Geology conferences that includes effectual keynote lectures from scholarly professionals in the field of Geology research which provide a forum for academia, industry, regulators and researchers to come together to discuss the development and challenges and the opportunities.

The scope of Geology has broadened and includes different approaches used to study the hydrogeology, petro geology, sedimentology, tectonics, civil engineering and environmental management.
All accepted abstracts for the conference will be provided with DOI (Digital Object Identifier) and released as a special issue in the related Geology and Earth Science Journals of OMICS International under Geology and Earth Science Conference Proceedings. The abstracts accepted in the Conference series will be included in the Scientific-program in session-wise manner, where each oral presentation is carried out for 15-20 minutes including queries and discussion.

The discussion and query session is handled by respective chair and co-chair of the respective session; where the audience can express their views on the topic discussed. This session is extremely useful to the participants as well as the presenting speaker as novel ideas and views can be discovered from the expertise gathering which allows novel discoveries and future advancements in research.

OMICS International, pioneering Open Access publisher, publishes scientific Open Access Journals lead the way to organize scientific conferences world-wide with the esteemed support of 100000 Editorial Board team. With the slogan of Accelerating Scientific Discoveries OMICS International Geology and Earth Science meetings calendar contains Global Events, with the presence of well-renowned scientific professionals, academicians as well as business leaders, budding scientists, young researchers and talented student community.

OMICS InternationalConference series in Geology also hosts scientific workshops and symposia where a scientific panel of 5-10 researchers participate and discuss on a specific topic of research relevant to the conference theme. These workshops are attended by top ranked academic professionals, talented young researchers, enthusiastic student communities and knowledge groups promoting mutual collaborations and information exchange.

OMICS International workshops and symposiums aims to gather students and young researchers to exhibit their innovations in the form of live working models. Global networking occurs at these workshops which gap between Scientists, Research Scholars is bridged creating opportunities to excel featuring Scientist: Scholar: Business interactions.

OMICS Internationals special initiatives Young Researchers Forum and Student Fellowship program are organized exclusively to encourage young talents in the field of Geology which not only ignites their minds towards innovative thinking but also providing an opportunity to enhance their research prospective and scientific career through scientific networking. The Young Researchers Forum in the Geology and Earth Science conferences offers young researchers the possibility to meet and discuss research topics and methodologies, share and develop ideas, learn from each other and gain knowledge from senior researchers.

International Conferences organized by OMICS International provide a unique platform for Young Researchers/Investigators for presenting latest research projects with an in-depth analysis. OMICS International cordially invites Young Researchers from Universities/ Institutes/ Industries to present a short oral presentation during the forum. These oral presentations should be of 10 minutes duration in related scientific track followed by 5 minutes question hour. Successful applicants will be selected based on past research productivity and future promise.

Conferences related to Geology

  1. International Conference on Geosciences and Environment & 32nd Annual Convention of Indian Association of Sediemntologists. January 7-10, 2016 Annamalai Nagar, India
  2. 28th Conference on Climate Variability and Change. January 10-14, 2016 New Orleans, USA
  3. 18th International Conference on Environment and Climate Change. January 12-13, 2016, Zurich, Switzerland
  4. 3rd International Conference on Geological and Civil Engineering (ICGCE 2016). January 12-13, 2016, Penang, Malaysia
  5. 32nd Nordig Geological Winter Meeting. January 13-15, 2016, Helsinki, Finland.
  6. 7th International Conference on Applied Geophysics - “Geophysics towards Sustainable Development of Thailand and AEC”. January 14–15, 2016, Bangkok, Thailand
  7. 18th International Conference on Geological and Earth Sciences. January 21 - 22, 2016 Paris, France
  8. Atlantic Geoscience Society annual colloquium. February 5-6, 2016 Truro, Canada.
  9. 18th International Conference on Geology and Geophysics- ICGG 2016. February 15 - 16, 2016 Barcelona, Spain
  10. 12th Middle East Geosciences Conference & Exhibition.  March 7-10, 2016 Manama Bahrain
  11. Crossroads Geology Conference 2016. April 1-2, 2016, Bloomington, USA
  12. SPIE Asia-Pacific Remote Sensing. April 4–7,  2016 New Delhi, India
  13. European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2016. April 17-22, 2016 Vienna, Austria
  14. Engineering Geophysics 2016 Conference and Exhibition. April 25 – 29, 2016  Anapa, Russia
  15. 4th International Climate Change Adaptation Conference. May 10-13, 2016. Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  16. 18th International Conference on Earth Science and Climate Change. May 16 - 17, 2016 Montreal, Canada
  17. 10th South American Symposium on Isotope Geology. May 22-25, 2016. Puerto Vallarta Mexico
  18. Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2016. May 22–26, 2016 Chiba, Japan.
  19. 14th Conference of the Geological Society of Greece - EGE 2016. May 25-27, 2016 Thessaloniki, Greece           
  20. 2nd Annual International Conference on Geology. June 6-9, 2016 Athens, Greece
  21. 3rd Annual International Conference on Earth and Environmental Sciences, June 6-9, 2016 Athens, Greece
  22. 8th International Siberian Early Career GeoScientists Conference. June 13-17, 2016. Novosibirsk Russia
  23. Association of Petroleum Geologists Annual Convention and Exhibition 2016. June 19-22, 2016 Calgary, Canada
  24. Australian Earth Sciences Convention - AESC 2016. June 26-30, 2016 Adelaide, Australia
  25. 4th International Conference on Integrated Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences 2016 (ICIPEG2016). August 15–17, 2016 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  26. 35th International Geological Congress - 35th IGC.  August 27- September 04, 2016 Cape Town, South Africa
  27. World Multidisciplinary Earth Science Symposium. September  5-9, 2016 Prague, Czech Republic
  28. Virtual Geoscience Conference 2016 (VGC 2016) September  22–23, 2016 Bergen, Norway
  29. The Geological Society of America (GSA) 2016 Annual Meeting. September 25-28, 2016 Denver, United States
  30. Operations Geology Conference - Bridging the Gaps. November 2-3, 2016 London, England


Companies associated with Geology and Earth Science

  1. Oilexco Incorporated 
  2. Penneco Oil Company, Inc. 
  3. Pioneer Oil and Gas 
  4. Premier Oil 
  5. British Gas 
  6. Eurogas Corporation 
  7. Cameron
  8. Colibrys Switzerland
  9. EMS Energy
  10. ExproSoft
  11. Fairmount Marine
  12. Ocean Maxwell
  13. Radoil (Reel Power International Subsidiary)
  14. Saxon Energy Services, Inc.
  15. SinSco Project Management
  16. Swanson Industries
  17. Task Environmental Services Worldwide
  18. Lamprell Energy Lt
  19. Dubai Petroleum
  20. Burley SubSe
  21. Dragon Oil
  22. Likpin LLC
  23. RTE Group
  24. Specialist Services
  25. Occidental M E Development Co
  26. Aeroquest Limited
  27. AES Marine Consultants, LLC
  28. Air Quality Services (AQS)
  29. Alpha Geoscience Pty Ltd
  30. American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
  31.  American Geological Institute
  32.  American Geosciences, Inc. (AGI)
  33. Applied Geophysics Consultancy LLC
  34. ARC Inc.
  35. Arletta Environmental Consulting In


Major Global Geological Associations

  1. American Association of Petroleum Geologists
  2. American Geological Institute
  3. American Geophysical Union
  4. Arizona Geological Society (AGS)
  5. Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS)
  6. Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists (AEG)
  7. Australian Institute of Geoscientists (AIG)
  8. British Geological Survey (BGS)
  9. Coast Geological Society
  10. Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS)
  11. European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE)
  12. Geological Society of America
  13. Geological Society of Glasgow (Scotland)
  14. Geological Society of India
  15. Geological Society of London (GSL)
  16. Geological Society of Washington 
  17. Geologists' Association (GA)
  18. Geoscience Australia
  19. International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS)
  20. Japan Geoscience Union (JpGU)
  21. Mining, Geological & Metallurgical Institute of India
  22. Myanmar Geosciences Society
  23. National Association of State Boards of Geology (ASBOG)
  24. Norwegian Geological Survey (NGU)
  25. Pacific Section American Association of Petroleum Geologists
  26. Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)
  27. Royal Geological Society of Cornwall (RGSC)
  28. Society of Exploration Geophysicists
  29. Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration
  30. The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)