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Nursing Conferences

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Conference Series LLC organizes over 3000+ Global Events with over 600+ Conferences, 1200+ Symposiums and 1200+ Workshops on Medical, Pharma, Engineering, Science, Technology and Business

Conference Series LLC is the best venues for organizing our Nursing & Healthcare Conferences, Medical Conferences, Pharmaceutical Conferences, Engineering Conferences, Diabetes Conferences and many more

Nursing Meetings also provides Continuing medical education (CME) credits, Nursing Conferences CME refers to a specific form of continuing education (CE) that helps those in the medical field maintain competence and learn about new and developing areas of their field. Through Continuing Medical Education and Continuing Professional Development, health care professionals maintain, develop and ensure that they retain their capacity to practice safely, effectively and legally within their evolving scope of practice.

Conference Series LLC is conducting several Nursing Meetings throughout the world like Nursing conferences , Pediatric Nursing Conferences, Oncology Nursing Conferences, Family Nursing Conferences, Surgical Nursing Conference and many more which are related to Nursing& Healthcare field. It’s a perfect platform where people gather and share their knowledge and experience.

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Critical Care Conferences

Critical Care Conferences | Trauma Conferences 2018 |Critical Care Nursing Conferences

Trauma 2018 is being organized to give best in class data on the mental science, depression, stress, shock, and gathering the various explorations, to an international dais of people from Particular Expertise, private doctors and scientists. This global annual Congress is primarily intended towards academic and private surgeons and researchers involved in Trauma & Critical Care in medical, psychology, and emergency Care, as well as other deserved health care professionals.

Conference Highlights Includes:
Elderly Trauma and Critical Care| Pediatric Trauma| Obstetric Trauma| Trauma Conference Europe | Critical Care in Trauma| Psychological Trauma | Blunt trauma| Intensive Care in Trauma | Trauma Conferences USA | Evolution in Emergency Medicine Practices| Trauma Conferences 2018 | New Technology in Trauma| Emergency Medicine and Care Management in Infectious Disease| Critical Care Conferences USA | Biological need of Trauma| Trauma-An International Perspective | Emergency Care USA Conferences | Trauma-Mass casualties Incidents| Trauma Therapy| Trauma in Nursing & Midwifery | Critical Care Conference 2018 | Emergency Medicine CME Conferences  | European Critical Care Conferences

Global Nursing Conference 2018

Global Nursing ConferencesNursing Education ConferencesNursing Care Conferences

Global Nursing is a world wide range of nurses from hospitals to nursing homes and caring for them in schools to research in pharmaceutical companies. It also works for the improvement in nursing practice through many activities which includes the improvement of a policy, research and a code of ethics for nurses and innovations of nursing practice. Nursing conference is a platform which brings together individuals who have an interest in different fields of nursing like critical care, midwifery & pregnancy, pediatric, emergency & Tele-medicine nursing, psychiatric, cancer, cardiac, public health, and healthcare. It is a forum to explore issues of mutual concern as well as exchange knowledge, share evidence, ideas, and generate solutions.

Conference Highlights Include:
Nursing Education & Research | Healthcare | Pediatric Nursing | Midwifery and Women Health Nursing | Nursing Conferences USA | Cancer Nursing Cardiac Nursing | Nursing Practice | Critical Care & Emergency Nursing | Nursing CNE Clinical Nursing | Nursing Conference 2018 | Psychiatric and Mental Health | Geriatric Nursing | Continuing Nursing Education Conferences | Medicine, Surgical Nursing | Legal Nursing, Tele Medicine & e-health |  Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing | Public Health | Dental Nursing| Nursing Education Conferences USA

Cancer Nursing 2018

Cancer Nursing ConferencesOncology Nursing Conferences Cancer Conferences Europe

An Oncology Nurse provides care for cancer patients and those at risk for getting the disease. Oncology nurses must manage both the symptoms of a patient’s disease and the side effects of various cancer treatments. They monitor physical conditions, prescribe medication, and administer chemotherapy and other treatments. Oncology nurses witness much suffering but this stress is offset by the long-term relationships they often develop with patients and their families.

It is important to invest in the training of these professionals, preparing them in an ethical and human way to act as lawyers of the patient with cancer, in a context of dilemmas related mainly to the possibility of finitude. Part of their role is to listen to the emotional concerns and anxieties of the patient and refer them appropriately if needed.

Conference Highlights Includes:
Cancer Nursing| Cancer Science Conferences | Cancer Epidemiology| Cancer Therapy and Treatment| Asia Pacific Cancer Nursing Conferences | Cancer Pain Management| Supportive Care Services| Cancer Immunotherapy & Stem Cell Therapy| Cancer Conferences USA |  Cancer Basic and Applied Research| Breast Cancer Nursing| Cancer Conference 2018 USA | Surgical Oncology Nursing| Dubai Cancer Conferences | Paediatric cancer nursing | Cervical cancer Nursing| Anti-Cancer Drugs/Vaccines| General Issues in Cancer Nursing | Oncology Conferences 2018

Breast Cancer Congress 2016

Breast Cancer Conferences | Breast Feeding Conferences | Breast Imaging Conferences

Breast Cancer Congress  is organized with the aim to provide knowledge about the new inventions, preventive methods, new techniques for treatment, future and biology of breast cancer, tumor and other diseases related to breast cancer , to the different people  like professors, students,  scientists and researchers gathering globally. This international congress is mainly considering the private as well as
academic researchers and students involved in breast cancer research and also to the oncologists, radiologists, chemotherapists and other Women Health professionals.

Conference Highlights Includes:
Breast Cancer- Present Perspective | Screening, Detecting and Diagnosing Breast Cancer | Breast Cancer Therapy | Surgery Choices for Breast Cancer | Breast Cancer USA Conferences | Personilized Medicine- A Redefined Treatment | Breast Cancer-Clinical Trials | Breast Cancer Stages |  Lifestyle and Breast Cancer | Breast Cancer Conferences 2018 | Alternative and Complementary Medicine | Immunology and Breast Cancer | European Breast Cancer Conferences | Rehabiliation/Survivorship after Treatment |  Male Breast Cancer | Case Studies | Breast Cancer Conferences Asia | Breast Cancer Nursing |  Industries and Investors Meet | Call For Workshops/Symposia | Breast Feeding Conferences USA | Breast Cancer and Pregnancy | Controversies Related to Breast Cancer | Current and Future State

Reproductive Health Conferences 2018

Reproductive Health Conferences Gynecology ConferencesSexual Health Conferences

Reproductive Medicine is a mainly formed in providing clinical education about the multidisplinary approach in Reproductive Healthcare. It is a International platform of gathering of renowned and esteemed speakers from medicine, scientists and scholars. Reproductive Health nurses rely upon a specialized body of awareness, skills, and experience to provide care to patients and families and engender environments that are caring and rejuvenating. 

Conference Highlights Includes:
Reproductive Health | Gynecology and Obstetrics | Pregnancy | Women Health | Menopause | Reproductive Toxicology | Maternal Health Conferences | Reproductive Medicine | Urologic and Gynecologic Disorders | Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility | Family Planning Conferences 2018 | Women Reproductive Cancers | Reproductive Health Conference USA | Reproductive Technology | Sexually Transmitted Diseases | Sexual Health Conferences USA | Lifestyle Factors and Reproductive Health | Maternal and Child Health | Asia Pacific Reproductive Health Conferences | Abortions and women’s health | Family Planning | Women Health Nursing | Effects of Obesity on Women’s Health and Pregnancy | Breast Cancer during Pregnancy | Reproductive Hazards for Female Workers

Advanced Nursing Conference 2018

Nursing Research Conferences | Europe Nursing Conferences | Nursing Education Conferences 2018

Advanced Nursing Conference aims at bringing individuals together who share a common interest in different fields of nursing such as midwifery, emergency nursing, disaster nursing, critical care, public health and education. This conference provides a global platform for exchanging ideas and helps in increasing visibility of nursing research. Its main focus is on educational impact on clinical practice and outcomes through oral and poster presentations and workshops. It provides an unique platform for nursing students, deans, researchers, faculties and leaders to collaborate on topics related to nursing research education.

Conference Highlights Includes:
Nursing Research
| Scope of Nursing Research | Purposes of Nursing Research | Nursing Research – Challenges and Opportunities | Current Trend in Nursing Research | Nursing Process | Advanced Practice Nurse | Role of Advanced Practice Nurse | Nursing Theory | Nursing Research Conferences USA | Nursing Models | Qualitative Nursing Research | Quantitative Nursing Research | Nursing Conferences Europe | Mixed Method Nursing Research | Registered Nurse | Nurse Practitioners Conferences | Certified Nurse-Midwives | CME Nursing Conferences USA | Clinical Nurse Specialist | Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists | Critical Care and Emergency Nursing, Telemedicine and e-health, Disaster nursing.

World Nursing Conference 2018

World Nursing ConferencesNursing Education Conferences EuropeCME Nursing Conferences

In World Nursing each category of nursing courses will bring in specialized knowledge and skills to nursing & healthcare teams into workplaces. There are different types of Nursing like Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Practitioner (grand parented), Employed Student Nurse, and Licensed Graduate Nurse. Their activities are carried out in a variety of settings and not necessarily in an emergency room.

Conference Highlights Include:
Nursing Education | Nursing Practice, Healthcare | Nursing Types | Pregnancy & Midwifery | Cancer Nursing | CME Nursing Conference USA | Heart & Cardiovascular Nursing | Pediatric Nursing | Surgical Nursing | Clinical Nursing | Critical Care & Emergency Nursing | Nurse Practitioners Conferences USA | Women Health Nursing | Adult Health Nursing | Telemedicine & e-health | Nutrition & Health | Legal Nursing | Dental Care Nursing | CME Nursing Conferences Europe | World Nursing Conferences 2018

Men in Nursing 2018

Men in Nursing Conferences World Nursing ConferencesNursing Care Europe Conferences

50th World Congress on Men in Nursing is an initiative to break the existing stereotypes in the noble profession of nursing which is mainly female dominated. At a time when women are flocking to once male-dominated fields like law and medicine, men are comparatively less in number in the female-dominated field of nursing. Nursing is a not a gender, it is a profession. The act and art of caring is something not only women understand, but men feel as well. With the extreme shortage of nurses all over the world, Men in Nursing 2018 aims to encourage more men to join the profession. 

Conference Highlights Includes:
Reasons for low representation of males in nursing | Gender Roles in Nursing |  Role in Patient Safety | Health Care and Nursing Studies | Legal Nursing for Men | Men Nursing Education System and Nursing Colleges | Nursing Conference 2018 USA | Nursing practice By Men | Fields of Nursing Preferred by men | Nursing Conferences Europe |Prospects of Men in Nursing | Nursing Congress 2018
Specializations Offered in The Field Of Nursing | Elimination of Barriers : Opportunities and Challenges | Men in Nursing Conferences USA | The Commonalities and Differences in Nursing (male) | Disadvantages Of Male Nurses | Statistical Analysis | Efforts to Increase Male Representations in Nursing | International Nursing Conference 2018

Emergency Nursing Conference 2018

Emergency Nursing Conferences | Critical Care Conferences | Trauma Nursing Conferences

Emergency Nursing is an exploration to Imbibe, Inculcate the knowledge in the field of nursing by involvement of renowned speakers around the world sharing their valuable input to on Emergency Nursing & Critical care by their analytical, experimental, hand on experience who contributed to various field.

This Conference intended to the best values to various field of people who are interested to participate regarding their academic, research, administrative, nursing, graduation, and irrespective field of people who are interested to participate.

Make know that this is an good opportunity to be involved, participate, interact, clarification of various unknown hidden thing to be known by making an appellant, by word, voice on clarification by the speakers who shall in turn make aware you to be very enthusiastic.

Conference Highlights Includes:
Emergency Nursing | Critical Care Emergency Nursing, Types of Emergency Nursing, Trauma Emergency Nursing, Mid-wife Emergency Nursing, Disaster Management and Responce Emergency Nursing, Oncology /Cancer/Tumour Emergency Nursing ,Community Emergency Nursing, Pregnancy/Maternity Emergency Nursing, Emergency Nursing Conferences 2018 | Mental Health Emergency Nursing, Rehabilitation Emergency Nursing, Asia Pacific Nursing Conferences Travel Emergency Nursing, Tele-medicine And e-Health Emergency Nursing, Emergency Nursing Conference USA | Nutritional Emergency Nursing, Clinical Trials Emergency Nursing, Refugical Emergency Nursing, Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Emergency Nursing, International Nurse Education Conferences | Forensic Emergency Nursing, Veterinary Emergency Nursing | Critical Care Nursing Conferences USA

Nursing Care Plan Conference 2018

Nursing Care Conferences | Nursing Specialist Conferences | Nursing Practitioners Conferences 2018

Nursing Care Plan Conference is a drive to explore new practices in nursing care, and relational approach of nurses towards nursing care and safety. The conference program is designed in a way to provide deep insights into various aspects of nursing care methods. It is a gathering of world-renowned pediatricians, academicians, child-care experts, healthcare personnel under a single roof facilitating information exchange pioneering future innovations in providing effective healthcare

Conference Highlights Includes:
Types of Nursing | Nursing Care Planning | Nursing USA Conferences | Nursing Informatics | Tele Nursing | Surgical Nursing Care | Cardiac Nursing Care | Palliative Care | Perioperative Nursing Care
Obstetrical Nursing Care | Oncology Nursing Care | Midwifery Nursing Care | Pediatric Nursing Care | Nursing Care 2018 Conferences | Emergency Nursing Care | Dental Nursing Care | Veterinary Nursing Care, Neonatal Nursing Care | Nursing Care Conferences USA | Advanced Nursing Care| Nursing Diagnosis | Nursing Education Europe Conferences | Nursing Theories | Dubai Nursing Conferences

Clinical Nursing 2018

Clinical Nursing Conferences | Clinical Research Conferences | Clinical Trails Conferences

Clinical Nursing 2018 creates the platform to understand the essentiality of a clinical nurse in the field of nursing and healthcare. The successful series of Clinical Nursing conferences gathers Clinical Nurse Specialists, Researchers and scholars which brings out better outcomes in the field of clinical nursing and practice. Clinical skills valuation, Patient care, Evidence based practice and researches in the field are discussed by eminents all over from the world.

Conference Highlights Includes: 
Clinical Nursing
| Clinical Practice-Areas and Topics | Clinical Nursing USA Conferences | USA Nursing Conferences | Nursing Practice | Nursing Education | Clinical Nurse Specialist | Standards for Clinical Nursing Education | Clinical Nursing 2018 Conferences | Evidence-Based Clinical Practice | Evidence Based-Non Clinical Practice | Nursing Education Conferences USA | Clinical Nursing- Advanced Specialty Courses | Clinical Practice Question and Answers | Clinical Research Conferences USA | Clinical Service Management | Clinical Trails Conferences USA | Types of Nursing | Legal Nursing | Asia Pacific Nursing Conferences | Pre - Clinical Research | Clinical Evaluation