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OMICS Group is one of the top open access publishers with 700+ peer-reviewed journals along with eminent scientists in its Editorial Board and expert reviewers to carry rigorous peer-review process. The peer review process is highly appreciated by researchers globally. Editorial Board Members and Reviewers actively participate in the review process within 21 days and ensure the quality of the manuscripts. In addition to open-access publishing, OMICS also provides E-books, Scholar Central and more than 3000+ International Scientific Conferences under its umbrella. Currently, the antisocial personality disorder is placed at the far right of a continuum in what concerns the cluster B personality disorders. Since one hundred years ago, the psychotic core/the psychotic potential has been brought up into discussion due to a lack of testing the sense of reality after going over a certain threshold. Of course, transient psychotic decomposition certainly occurs, as we will make mention of it in this presentation. In this paper, we are going to refer to several clinical examples of female patients from the psychiatric hospital "Prof. Alex. Obregia" in Bucharest, who have been under prolonged hospitalization, due to certain articles regarding the code of criminal procedure that states the incumbency of admission and treatment, subsequent to committing certain potentially antisocial acts. In the case presentation of five women, an explanatory perspective inspired by the “Treaty of Psychodynamic Psychiatry” by Glen O. Gabbard, the primitive functioning of these women raising suspicions over a disharmony of personality situated at the edge of narcissistic (in the malignant sense of the word) and antisocial. Explanatory concepts raise discussions regarding the primitive mental functioning, immature defense mechanisms, thought and behavior features such as: projective identification, grandiose self-design, narcissistic collusion, false self, twins, the capacity to unconsciously feel the pulsing movements of the other, and last, but not least, transference - counter-transference dynamic.
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Last date updated on February, 2021