Valencia, Spain


BIOVAL is the Association of bioregion of Valencia. BIOVAL arised as a private initiative in 2006 and has since boosted Valencia biotech sector through more than 70 companies, universities, research centers and hospitals. BIOVAL comprises of 57 Associate partners, 14 academic partners, 1 Biotechnology partner user. In 2010 an agreement with the Generalitat Valenciana which makes Bioval interlocutor with the administration on all matters relating to biotechnology was signed. In addition to promoting collaboration within and outside the Valencian Community, Bioval makes a great effort in the formation of bio-entrepreneurs and professionals through an Advanced Course in Biotechnology annually. Similarly Bio-Breakfasts regularly organizes in order to create synergies with major international groups, proposing not only research projects but also trade agreements. In 2011 he has established partnerships between traditional and biotech companies to introduce innovative processes mature and thus create new business sectors. He is also working with M.I.T. and companies in the Boston area to open this market to its biotech tissue. Bioval organizes the International Meeting on Biotechnology, held annually, and this year has experts of the caliber of Ken Morse, Member of the Advisory Committee on Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the White House. Also supports Bioval biotech companies by managing R & D projects, organizing conferences Networking, dissemination of results of associated companies, international visibility etc. All this in a self-sustaining and absolute orientation to the development of biotechnology companies and entities of the Valencian Community, acting as a catalyst and dynamic sector. Bioval has been recognized by the CEBR (European Council of Bioregions) for its market orientation and for being the only BioRegión private.