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Neurology & Psychiatry Journals

Neurology is a sub discipline of medical sciences that specifically addresses the various aspects of the functioning of nervous system including the brain and spinal cord. The study of neurology is most often accompanied with the study of psychiatry, which helps in understanding the key concepts of diagnosis, prevention and cure of mental disorders. Neuropsychiatry amalgamates both neurology and psychiatry for addressing cognitive and behavioral discrepancies that are most often caused due to improper functioning of the nervous system, which includes both autonomic nervous system and peripheral nervous system.

Neurology & Psychiatry Journals Impact Factors List

Journal Name Journal Impact Factor* Citations Report
Journal of Alzheimers Disease & Parkinsonism 3.03
3.42 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience 1.32
3.25 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
Journal of Novel Physiotherapies 1.8
1.47 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
Journal of Neuroinfectious Diseases 1.48
1.40 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
Journal of Neurology and Neuroscience 1.45
1.21 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
Journal of Pain & Relief 0.86
0.54 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
Journal of Spine & Neurosurgery  0.222 Citations Report
Journal of Traumatic Stress Disorders & Treatment 0.971  Citations Report
Journal of Addictive Behaviors, Therapy & Rehabilitation 0.971 Citations Report
Journal of Sleep Disorders : Treatment and Care 0.875  Citations Report
Journal of Neuropsychiatry 0.8 -
Journal of Child and Adolescent Behaviour 0.69 Citations Report
Journal of Addiction Research & Therapy 0.53 Citations Report
International Journal of Mental Health & Psychiatry 0.375 Citations Report
Annals of Behavioural Science - -
Spine Research - -
Journal of Pediatric Neurological Disorders - -
Dual Diagnosis: Open Access - Citations Report
Canadian IONM News - -
Insights in Neurosurgery - -
Journal of Drug Abuse - -
Clinical Neuropsychology: Open Access - Citations Report
Neuro-oncology: Open Access - Citations Report
Clinical Psychiatry - Citations Report
Journal of Neuroscience & Clinical Research - -
Acta Psychopathologica - Citations Report
Journal of Headache & Pain Management - Citations Report
Stroke Research & Therapy - -
Journal of Translational Neurosciences - -
Research & Reviews: Neuroscience - -
Journal of Clinical & Experimental Neuroimmunology - -
International Journal of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine - Citations Report

List of Neuroscience & Psychology Conferences

International conference on Neuroscience and addiction therapy, Osaka, Japan

International Conference on Alzheimer and Dementia, Webinar, Webinar

26th International Conference on Neurosurgery and Neuroscience, Webinar, Webinar

10th International Conference on Brain Disorders & Therapeutics, Webinar, Webinar

4th International Conference on Addiction & Psychiatry, Webinar, Webinar

33rd International Conference on Brain Science and Cognitive Research, Sydney, Australia

Global Summit on Neurology, Webinar, Webinar

Global Summit on Brain Disorders and Therapeutics, Webinar, Webinar

International Congress on Neuroscience, Psychiatric and Mental Disorder, Webinar, Webinar

36th International Conference on Psychiatry and Mental Health, Amsterdam, Netherlands

4th International Congress on Neurology and Psychology, Webinar, Webinar

35th European Neurology Congress, London, UK

7th International Conference on Forensic Psychology & Criminology, Webinar, Webinar

4th International Conference on Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology, Webinar, Webinar

32nd World Psychiatrists and Psychologists Meet, Sydney, Australia

10th International Conference on Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases, Paris, France

13th International Conference on Vascular Dementia, Paris, France

15th International Conference on Alzheimers Disease and Dementia, Paris, France

World Congress for Neurorehabilitation, Paris, France

38th International Conference on Psychiatry & Psychosomatic Medicine, Valencia, Spain

International Webinar on Psychosomatic Medicine and Disorders, Webinar, Webinar

International Online Summit on Psychiatry and Psychology, Webinar, Webinar

Annual Virtual Congress on Applied Psychiatry, Webinar, Webinar

6th International Conference on Central Nervous System Disorders and Therapeutics, Tokyo, Japan

World Conference on Addiction Psychiatry, Madrid, Spain

Annual World Congress on Psychiatry, Madrid, Spain

Psych Central 2021, Webinar, Webinar

Cognitive Psychotherapy 2021, Webinar, Webinar

34th International Conference on Psychiatry and Mental Health, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Annual Mental Health Conference, London, UK

7th International Conference on Epilepsy & Treatment, London, UK

World Neuroscience Summit, London, UK

28th Cognitive Neuroscience Congress, Webinar, Webinar

11th International Conference on Stroke, Neurology and Cerebrovascular Diseases, Munich, Germany

World Congress on Sleep Disorders and Therapeutics, Berlin, Germany

27th Annual Summit on Neuroscience & Neurological Disorders, Barcelona, Spain

11th International Conference on Neurological disorders & Stroke, Vienna, Austria

35th International Conference on Neuroscience and Neurochemistry, Vienna, Austria

15th World Summit on Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia Care Research and Awareness, Vienna, Austria

14th International Conference on Neurology and Neuromuscular Disorders, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

7th World Congress on Parkinsons & Huntington Disease, Berlin, Germany

10th World Congress on Addictive Disorders & Addiction Therapy, Berlin, Germany

8th World Congress on Mental Health, Psychiatry and Well-being, Barcelona, Spain

26th International Conference on Psychiatry, Mental Disorders & Psychosomatic Medicine, Las Vegas, USA

International Conference on Neurosurgery & Neurology, Zurich, Switzerland

15th International Conference on Alzheimers Disease & Dementia, Dublin, Ireland

7th World Congress on Internal Medicine and Primary Care, London, UK

15th International Conference on Neurology and Brain Disorders, Perth, Australia

2nd Global Conclave on Psychiatrists and Psychology Researches, Berlin, Germany

World Congress on Neurosurgery and Neuroscience, Paris, France

Neuro Experts 2021, Vancouver, Canada

Psychotherapy 2021, Vancouver, Canada

4th World Congress on Psychiatry & Psychological Syndromes, Paris, France

13th Global Neurologists Meeting on Neurology and Neurosurgery, Rome, Italy

31st International Conference on Public Mental Health and Neurosciences, Bali, Indonesia

4th World Neurone Congress, Bali, Indonesia

International Conference on Neurology & Neuro Science, Madrid, Spain

31st International Conference on Psychology, Psychotherapy and Mental Wellness, London, UK

16th Annual Conference on Neuroscience, Webinar, Webinar

3rd International Conference on Clinical Immunology, Neuropharmacology and Drug Development, Singapore, Singapore

14th International Conference on Neurosurgery and Neuroscience, Barcelona, Spain

3rd World Brain Congress, Abu Dhabi, UAE

International Conference on Parkinsons and Neurodegenerative diseases, Sydney, Australia

4th Annual Conference on Stroke and Neurological Disorders, Prague, Czech Republic
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