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Chemical Engineering Journals

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Chemical engineering is a branch of engineering that combines pure sciences like physics, chemistry mathematics and economics to produce applications in energy, materials, construction medicine and healthcare sectors to improve the quality of life. Chemical engineers use the latest innovations in this field to design optimal production methods and techniques to minimize costs by maximize the safety and profitability. They make the best use of chemistry and engineering knowledge to turn raw materials into usable products such as, medicine, plastics, petroleum etc, on large scale for consumption that promote social and economic progress.

Chemical Engineering Journals Impact Factors List

Journal Name Journal Impact Factor* Citations Report
Journal of Microbial & Biochemical Technology 3.15
4.09 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
Journal of Analytical & Bioanalytical Techniques 1.8
2.77 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology 1.7
2.44 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
Journal of Thermodynamics & Catalysis 1.2
1.35 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
Journal of Membrane Science & Technology 0.59
1.29 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
Journal of Advanced Chemical Engineering 1.43
1.18 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
Journal of Bioprocessing & Biotechniques 0.56
0.97 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
Journal of Bioengineering & Biomedical Science 1
0.75 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
Journal of Material Sciences & Engineering 5.447 Citations Report
International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology 5.4 Citations Report
Biochemistry & Analytical Biochemistry 2.63 Citations Report
Journal of Chromatography & Separation Techniques 1.01*; 1.66* (5 Years Impact Factor) Citations Report
Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Medical Devices - Citations Report
Research & Reviews: Journal of Engineering and Technology - Citations Report
Chemical Informatics - Citations Report
Mass Spectrometry & Purification Techniques - Citations Report
Insights in Analytical Electrochemistry - Citations Report
Structural Chemistry & Crystallography Communication - Citations Report

List of Chemical Engineering Conferences

6th World Congress on Biofuels and Bioenergy Sep 5-6, 2017 London, UK
5th International Conference on Bioplastics September, 07-09, 2017 Paris, France
6th World Congress on Biopolymers September 7-9, 2017 Paris, France
7th International Congress on Biofuels and Bioenergy October 2-4, 2017 Toronto, Canada
3rd International Conference on Chemical Engineering October 2-4, 2017 Chicago, USA
Annual Meeting on Biopolymers and Polymer Chemistry October 12-13 2017 Osaka, Japan
2nd Euro Global Summit and Expo on Biomass and Bioenergy October 12-13, 2017 London, UK
7th International Conference and Exhibition on Biopolymers and Bioplastics (10 Plenary Forums - 1 Event) October 19-20, 2017 San Francisco, USA
International Meeting on Petroleum Engineering November 7- 8, 2017 Singapore City, Singapore
7th World Congress on Petrochemistry and Chemical Engineering November 13-14, 2017 Atlanta, USA
2nd International Conference on Advances in Chemical Engineering & Technology November 16-17, 2017 Paris, France
2nd World Biodiesel Congress & Expo December 06-07, 2017(10 Plenary Forums - 1Event) Dallas, USA
8th International Conference on Biofuels, Bioenergy & Bioeconomy December 04-05, 2017(10 Plenary Forums - 1Event) Sao Paulo, Brazil
Global Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Meeting December 06-07, 2017 Dubai, UAE
9th Edition of International Conference on Biofuels and Bioenergy March 29-30,2018 Edinburgh, Scotland
9th Annual Congress and Expo on Biofuels and Bioenergy April 16-17, 2018 Dubai, UAE
International conference on Polymer Science and Technology June 04-05, 2018 London, UK
1st Edition of Advancements on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Research September Berlin, Germany
11th World Bioenergy Congress and Expo July 2-4, 2018 Frankfurt, Germany
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