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Oncology is concerned with the diagnosis, therapy, follow up and the palliative care of the cancer victim. Oncology research can be broadly divided into basic oncology and applied oncology. Basic oncology research involves the investigation of the various cellular and environmental processes which lead to cancer, identification of molecules or compounds which exhibit anti-cancer properties; investigation of tumorigenicity etc. Applied oncology deals with diagnosis, therapy, follow up, palliative care, and clinical trials in the field of cancer. Oncologists are specialized in treating cancer and play a crucial role in the diagnosis of the type and the stage of cancer, which sets the stage for treatment.

Oncology Journals Impact Factors List

Journal Name Journal Impact Factor* Citations Report
Journal of Carcinogenesis & Mutagenesis 1.09
2.50 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
Journal of Oncology Research and Treatment 0.867
1.742 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
Journal of Nuclear Medicine & Radiation Therapy 0.85
1.52 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
Journal of Clinical Case Reports 1.54
1.47 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
Journal of Cancer Science & Therapy 3.15
1.22 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor)
Citations Report
OMICS Journal of Radiology 1.13 Citations Report
Archives in Cancer Research 0.6 Citations Report
Journal of Clinical & Experimental Oncology 0.264 Citations Report
Cancer Surgery - -
Colorectal Cancer: Open Access - -
Journal of HPV and Cervical Cancer - -
Breast Cancer: Current Research - -
Journal of Medical Oncology and Therapeutics - -
Medical case reports - Citations Report
International Journal of Inflammation, Cancer and Integrative Therapy - -
Diagnostic Pathology: Open Access - Citations Report
Journal of Prostate Cancer - -
Journal of Imaging and Interventional Radiology - -
Head and Neck Cancer Research - Citations Report
Journal of Gastrointestinal Cancer and Stromal Tumors - -
Archives of Surgical Oncology - -
Journal of Orthopedic Oncology - -
Research & Reviews: Medical and Clinical Oncology - -
Medical Reports & Case Studies - -
JBR Journal of Clinical Diagnosis and Research - Citations Report
Journal of Neoplasm - -
Neuro-oncology: Open Access - Citations Report
Journal of Cancer Diagnosis - Citations Report
Advances in Cancer Prevention - Citations Report
Insights in Gynecologic Oncology - -
Reports in Cancer and Treatment - -
Journal of Adenocarcinoma - -
Medical & Clinical Reviews - -
Oncology & Cancer Case Reports - -

List of Oncology Conferences

22nd World Congress on Pediatric & nenonatal Oncology, Auckland, New Zealand

32nd International Conference on Cancer Research and Therapy, Osaka, Japan

18th World Hematology Congress, London, UK

20th Global Cancer Summit, Kyoto, Japan

World Congress on Women Oncology & Care, Tokyo, Japan

40th Euro Congress on Cancer Science & Therapy, Rome, Italy

3rd Annual Summit on Cell Signaling & Cancer Therapy, London, UK

10th World Congress on Breast Cancer and Therapies, Singapore, Singapore

World Congress on Cancer and Diagnostics, Berlin, Germany

12th International Conference on Cancer Stem Cell & Oncology Research, Berlin, Germany

17th International Conference Cancer Research, Barcelona, Spain

2nd International Conference on Biomarkers and Clinical Research, Dubai, UAE

World Cancer, Oncology and Therapeutics Congress, Paris, France

6th International Conference on Neuro-Oncology and Brain Tumor, Brisbane, Australia

7th World Congress on Epigenetics and Chromosome, Zurich, Switzerland

Experts Meeting on Cancer Medicine, Radiology & Treatment, Athens, Greece

31st Experts Meet On Cancer Therapy & Immuno Oncology, Singapore, Singapore

12th World Congress and Expo on Stem Cell Research, Prague, Czech Republic

26th Cancer Genomics Congress: New Era for Cancer Prevention, Helsinki, Finland

2nd World Conference on Breast and Cervical Cancer, Helsinki, Finland

5th World Congress on Frontiers in Cancer Research and Therapy, Kyoto, Japan

42nd Euro-Global Summit on Cancer Therapy & Radiation Oncology, Barcelona, Spain

19th Global Summit on Breast Cancer, Prague, Czech Republic

35th International Conference on Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care, Tokyo, Japan

15th World Congress on Blood Cancer, Vienna, Austria

32nd International Oncology Conference, Berlin, Germany

Global Immuno-Oncology & Biomarkers Summit, Singapore, Singapore

Clinical Oncology & Radiation Therapy, Singapore, Singapore

21st  World Summit on Oncology and Radiology, Vienna, Austria

2nd International Conference on Biomarkers and Cancer Targets, Capetown, South Africa

9th World Congress on Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy, Amsterdam, Netherlands

4th Global Expo on Cancer and Oncology Research, Osaka, Japan

2nd International Conference on Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment, Madrid, Spain

11th Euro Breast Cancer, Clinical Trials, Therapeutics and Research Summit, Madrid, Spain

4th Global Summit on Cancer, Tokyo, Japan

4th Global Congress on Cancer Science and Oncology, Singapore, Singapore

2nd International Conference on Frontiers in Lung Cancer, Brisbane, Australia

18th Asia Pacific Oncologists Annual Meeting, Brisbane, Australia

11th Asian Breast Cancer: Screening, Treatment & Management, Brisbane, Australia

International Conference on Cancer Stem Cells, Lisbon, Portugal

Annual Hematology Congress, Dubai, UAE

39th World Cancer Conference, Rome, Italy

International Conference on Cell Science and Molecular Biology, Rome, Italy

International Conference on Biomarkers, Rome, Italy

4th World Summit on Cancer Science and Oncology, Bali, Indonesia

Asia Pacific Oncology and Cancer Conference, Tokyo, Japan

4th Annual Conference on Skin Cancer and Dermatology, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

10th International Conference on Women s Health and Cancer Cure, Abu Dhabi, UAE

International Conference on Cancer and Care, Osaka, Japan

2nd Global Meeting on Oncology and Radiology, Dubai, UAE
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