European Biotechnology Thematic Network Association (EBTNA)

Perugia, Italy


European Biotechnology Thematic Network Association (EBTNA) is one of the leading non profit associations of biotechnology professionals in Europe started in 1996. For membership EBTNA welcomes researchers, students, postgraduates, post-doctors and other personnel of Institutions, research centres and enterprise employers, Industries, trade unions and Labour Ministries. The registered office of the association is located at Piazza University, Italy and the constitution is made in accordance with the Italian Laws. One can be get membership from the society after it get confirmed in General Assembly of EBTNA Executive Committee only. There are 34 coordinators from 34 countries around the world.

The objectives of the association are:
i. To implement, consult or supervise programmes for the assessment of skills and knowledge in sciences with an emphasis on biotechnology.
ii. To undertake programmes concerning education, training and research, especially those concerning innovative approaches.
iii. To operate as a consultant or assessor in programmes concerning education and training.
iv. To provide certification of achievement when assessments have been carried out under appropriate conditions.
v. To co-operate with established professional or other associations in the furtherance of its objectives.
vi. To extend the reach of all aspects of education in biotechnology beyond national border.