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The University of Coimbra Government is exercised at the level of the General Board, Rector, Management Council (which constitute the Governing Bodies), the Senate and the Student Ombudsman. Faculties are the Governing Bodies of the Faculty Assembly that is the Director, the Scientific Council and the Education Council. Some Faculties also work for other advisory bodies. University of Coimbra is the town's historical site. The following Education and Research Organic Units are based here: The Faculties of Humanities, Law, Medicine (also with facilities in the Health Sciences Campus), Science and Technology (Departments of Architecture, Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry), Psychology and Education Sciences, and the College of Arts. The University's governing bodies are also headquartered here. The University Stadium and the Faculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Education are on the left bank of the Mondego River (near the Santa Clara Bridge), close to a university restaurant. The Faculty of Economics is situated in Av. Dias da Silva. There are also other facilities of the University near the Faculty.

Editors, Contributors and Speakers [31]

The following is the list of scholars from University of Coimbra who contributed and/or serves as editors for one or more OMICS International journals and conferences
Ana Catarina Silva
Ana Isabel Tomaz
Andrea Gomez-Zavaglia
Augusto Neto
Bernardete Ribeiro
Carlos F. D. Rodrigues
Carlos Rebelo
Carme Rissech
Catarina Pinho
Catarina Pinto Reis
Celso Gomes de Sousa Figueiredo
Clemente Maia S. Fernandes
Clemente Maia S. Fernandes and Mônica da Costa Serra
Cristiana Palmela Pereira
Diana F Silva
Fernando Ramos
Francisco Abílio da Silva Portela
Ines Vasconcelos
Isabel Maria Andrade
Joana Liberal
Manuel J Coelho e Silva
Marco Vieira
Maria da Graca Campos
Mônica C. Serra
Noel Lopes
Paula I Moreira
Prof José S Antunes do Carmo
Renata Karina Reis
Rivelilson Mendes de Freitas
Rog�rio Gaspar
Ying Ma

Publications [16]

The following is the list of articles by scholars from University of Coimbra that are published in OMICS International journals.
Journal of Psychology & Psychotherapy
Information and Communication Technologies and Family: Patterns of Use, Life Cycle and Family Dynamics
Joana Carvalho, Gabriela Fonseca, Rita Francisco, Gonzalo Bacigalupe and Ana P Relvas
Short Communication: J Psychol Psychother 2016, 6:240
doi: 10.4172/2161-0487.1000240
Molecular Biology: Open Access
Topoisomerase I Improve JC virus DNA detection
Ana Matos, Vitor Duque and Cristina Luxo
Research Article: Mol Biol 2016, 155
doi: 10.4172/2168-9547.1000155
Journal of Fundamentals of Renewable Energy and Applications
Direct Current and Alternative Current Based Solar Micro-Grid in Rural Energy Infrastructure
Vivek Kumar Singh, Lakshman Ravi Teja and Jitendra Tiwari
Research Article: J Fundam Renewable Energy Appl 6: 196
doi: 10.4172/2090-4541.1000196
Journal of Integrative Oncology
Molecular Targets in Lung Cancer Therapy: A Current Review
Luís Pinho, Fernando Mendes, Maria Manuela Rodrigues, Jéssica Estrela, Ricardo Jorge Teixo and Rui Santos Cruz
Research Article: J Integr Oncol 2015, 4:148
doi: 10.4172/2329-6771.1000148
Journal of Veterinary Science & Technology
3D Modeling of Abdominal Surface Area in Cats
Antonio Martinho Lopes,Antonio Dourado Habilit, Hugo Pereira, Maria MRE Niza and Rui Onca
Research Article: J Veterinar Sci Technol 2015. 6: 269
doi: 10.4172/2157-7579.1000269
Pharmaceutica Analytica Acta
Preparation and characterization of Trimethoprim inclusion complex with Methyl-β-Cyclodextrin and determination of its antimicrobial activity
Ana Figueiras, Olga Cardoso, Francisco Veiga, Rusbene BF de Carvalho and Giorgia Ballaro
Research Article: Pharm Anal Acta 2015, 6: 405
doi: 10.4172/2153-2435.1000405
Journal of Chromatography & Separation Techniques
Analysis of Citalopram in Plasma and Hair by a Validated LC MS/MS Method
Pinto J, Mendes VM, Coelho M, Baltazar G, Pereira J LGC, Dunn MJ, Cotter DR and Manadas B
Research Article: J Chromatogr Sep Tech 2015, 6: 274
doi: 10.4172/2157-7064.1000274
Journal of Political Sciences & Public Affairs
Sorry for Bothering, but Words of Hope must be Rescued. An (almost)Narrative Review of Ecolinguistics
Adelaide Chichorro Ferreira
Research Article: J Pol Sci Pub Aff 2014, 2: 136
doi: 10.4172/2332-0761.1000136
Journal of Sports Medicine & Doping Studies
Controlling Performance and Physiological Parameters for Body Size and Inter-individual Variability due to Biological Maturation during Adolescent Growth Spurt
Editorial: J Sports Med Doping Stud 2013, 3:e137
doi: 10.4172/2161-0673.1000e137
Journal of Pollution Effects & Control
Using Radioimmunoassay to Investigate the Uptake by Amphibians of Estrogens Present in WWTP?S Effluent
Ana Paula Fonseca, José Miguel Oliveira, Valdemar Esteves and Massano Cardoso
Research Article: J Pollut Eff Cont 2013, 1:106
doi: 10.4172/2375-4397.1000106
Journal of Genetic Syndromes & Gene Therapy
Freeze Dried Chitosan/ Poly-ε-Caprolactone and Poly-ε-Caprolactone Nanoparticles: Evaluation of their Potential as DNA and Antigen Delivery Systems
Jesus S, Borchard G and Borges O
Research Article: J Genet Syndr Gene Ther 2013, 4: 164
doi: 10.4172/2157-7412.1000164
Journal of Genetic Syndromes & Gene Therapy
Viral and Non-Viral Gene Therapy for Glioblastoma: New Insights into the Treatment of Malignant Brain Tumors
Pedro M Costa and Maria C Pedroso de Lima
Review Article: J Genet Syndr Gene Ther 2013, 4: 161
doi: 10.4172/2157-7412.1000161
Journal of Sports Medicine & Doping Studies
Pubertal Status: Assessment, Interpretation, Analysis
Editorial: J Sports Med Doping Stud 2013, 3:1
doi: 10.4172/2161-0673.1000e134
Journal of Information Technology & Software Engin
Challenges on Developing and Operating Trustworthy and Resilient Service Software Systems
Marco Vieira
Editorial: J Inform Tech Soft Engg 2012, 2: e112
doi: 10.4172/2165-7866.1000e112
Journal of Information Technology & Software Engin
Developments of IT and SE in Comparison with Developments of Aquatic Modelling
Monzur Alam Imteaz
Editorial: J Inform Tech Soft Engg 2012, 2: e111
doi: 10.4172/2165-7866.1000e111
Journal of Bioequivalence & Bioavailability
In vitro and In vivo Relevance of the P-glycoprotein Probe Substrates in Drug Discovery and Development: Focus on Rhodamine 123, Digoxin and Talinolol
Research Article: JBB/Vol.1.Special Issue 2 2013
doi: 10.4172/jbb.S2-001

Proceedings [20]

The following is the list of proceedings by scholars from University of Coimbra that are published in OMICS International journals and conferences.
Journal of Experimental Food Chemistry
Synthesis of prebiotics as monitor by infrared spectroscopy
Andrea Gomez-Zavaglia
ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Exp Food Chem
Journal of Cancer Science & Therapy
Deconstructing Cancer Progression: Cancer Stem Cells and Dedifferentiation
Carlos F. D. Rodrigues
ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Cancer Sci Ther
Journal of Material Sciences & Engineering
In vitro and in vivo studies of dextran-based materials for peripheral nerve regeneration
Catarina Pinho
ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Material Sci Eng
Journal of Oceanography and Marine Research
Integrated coastal management and adaptation needs
Jose Simao Antunes do Carmo
ScientificTracks Abstracts: Oceanography
Journal of Cancer Science & Therapy
Borderline ovarian tumors (BOTs)
Ines Vasconcelos
ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Cancer Sci Ther
Virology & Mycology
Absence of hepatitis E virus active infection in farm bred pigs from the central region of Portugal
Ana Miguel Matos, Goncalves D, Pereira-Vaz J, da Costa R P R, Donato A and Luxo C
Posters & Accepted Abstracts: Virol-mycol
Journal of Pharmaceutical Care & Health Systems
Molecular and cellular targets of polyphenols from Fragaria vesca leaf
Joana Liberal
ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Pharma Care Health Sys
Journal of Food Processing & Technology
The first study comparing the shelf-life of a highly perishable food preserved by hyperbaric storage at room temperature and refrigeration
Jorge A Saraiva, Carlos Pinto, Sílvia A Moreira, Liliana G Fidalgo, Mauro D Santos, Rui P Queirós and Ivonne Delgadillo
ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Food Process Technol
Brain Disorders & Therapy
Stroke and Neurosurgery: New insights into two unrecognized entities
Bruno Lourenco Costa
ScientificTracks Abstracts: Brain Disord Ther
Journal of Earth Science & Climatic Change
Rhizobacterium Bacillus sp. SC2b and its role in phytoextraction
Ying Ma and Helena Freitas
ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Earth Sci Clim Change
Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism
Aromatic and Medicinal Plants and Type 2 Diabetes in Iberian Peninsula
Fernanda M. Ferreira
Track 2(i) 2(v): J Diabetes Metab
Journal of AIDS & Clinical Research
Prevalence of and factors associated with depressive symptoms in individuals living with HIV/ AIDS in Brazil
Renata Karina Reis, Carolina de Castro Castrighini, Elizabete Santos Melo, Marli Teresinha Gimeniz Galvão and Elucir Gir
ScientificTracks Abstracts: J AIDS Clin Res
Clinical Pharmacology & Biopharmaceutics
Antischistosomal activity of an aromatic diamidine against Schistosomamansoni adult worms
Rivelilson Mendes de Freitas, George Laylson da Silva Oliveira, Glaucio Barros Saldanha, André Augusto Gomes Faraco, Pedro Luiz Silva Pinto, Josué de Moraes4 and Anderson José Ferreira
ScientificTracks Abstracts: Clinic Pharmacol Biopharm
Journal of Alzheimers Disease & Parkinsonism
Bridging tau and amyloid-β pathologies in sporadic Alzheimer�s disease: Mitochondria under the spotlight
Diana F Silva, A Raquel Esteves and Sandra Morais Cardoso
YRF: J Alzheimers Dis Parkinsonism
Journal of Clinical & Cellular Immunology
Chemical composition, anti-inflammatory activity and citotoxicity of Ridolfia segetum Moris from Portugal
L. Salgueiro, C. Cabral, C. Cavaleiro, M. J. Gonçalves and M. T. Cruz
Posters: J Clin Cell Immunol
Medicinal Chemistry
On the field of metallodrugs -new ruthenium compounds as anti-tumor agents
Ana Isabe Tomaz, Fernanda Marques, António P. Matos, Rodrigo F. M. de Almeida and M. Helena Garcia
ScientificTracks Abstracts: Med chem
Journal of Marine Science: Research & Development
Phage technology in biodefence
Asher Wilf
Accepted Abstracts: J Marine Sci Res Dev
Journal of Clinical Toxicology
Micromolar aluminium may alter neurotransmission
Maria Paula P. Goncalves
Track_2_3: J Clinic Toxicol
Journal of Forensic Research
Crime rate vs. population: What really is the dependence?
A.A.C.C. Pais and S.C.R. Ferreira
AcceptedAbstracts: J Forensic Res
Journal of Vaccines & Vaccination
Chitosan-based particles as adjuvants for Hepatitis B needle-free vaccines?
Olga Borges
Track 5, 5(i) 5(ii) 5(iii) 5(iv) 5(v) 5: Adjuvants: J Vaccines Vaccin

PPTs [1]

The following is the list of scholars from University of Coimbra who contributed and/or serves as editors for one or more OMICS International journals and conferences
Ying Ma