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Nutrition is the scientific study of the nutritional components of food and their physiological importance in the growth and maintenance of the body. Nutritional studies stress upon deciphering various steps and intricacies of food intake, its digestion, absorption and assimilation. Based on the information gathered from nutritional studies the nutritionist recommends the intake or avoiding of food items as per the dietary and physiological demand of the body. The food and nutrition research focus on diverse aspects by taking the socio-economic implications into account. It offers in-depth analysis on the nutritional values and dietary needs of the people, which is essential in the formulation of specific strategies to meet the global food security and prevention of diseases caused due to malnutrition.

List of Food & Nutrition Conferences

19th International Conference on Diabetes, Nutrition, Obesity and Eating Disorders, Florence, Italy

Probiotics, PreBiotics & Synbiotcs, Singapore, Singapore

3rd World Congress on Food and Nutrition, Dubai, UAE

29th World Congress on Nutrition & Dietetics, Sydney, Australia

16th International Congress on Advances in Natural Medicines, Nutraceuticals & Neurocognition, Zurich, Switzerland

20th International Conference on Obesity, Diet Management & Nutrition, Vancouver, Canada

26th International Conference on Nutrition and Dietetics, Vancouver, Canada

Global summit on Obesity, Diet and Nutrition, Melbourne, Australia

Global Nutrition Meet, Melbourne, Australia

29th World Congress on Diet, Nutrition and Obesity, Auckland, New Zealand

2nd Global Summit on Food Science, Nutrition and Technology, Prague, Czech Republic

4th International Conference on Food Chemistry, Nutrition and Safety, Vancouver, Canada

5th Global Food Security, Food Safety & Sustainability Conference, Vancouver, Canada

26th European Nutrition and Dietetics Conference, Berlin, Germany

2nd World Congress on Child Nutrition & Health, Vienna, Austria

31st Annual Congress on Nutrition & Food Sciences, Paris, France

19th World Congress on Nutrition and Food Chemistry, Rome, Italy

3rd International Conference on Probiotics and Prebiotics, Vancouver, Canada

International Conference on Functional Food & Advanced Neutraceuticals, Vancouver, Canada

3rd International Conference on Nutrition, Food Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi, UAE

3rd World Congress on Nutrition and Obesity Prevention, Abu Dhabi, UAE

International Conference on Clinical Nutrition, Singapore, Singapore

26th International Conference on Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Athens, Greece

24th Asia Pacific Nutrition Meet and Expo, Kyoto, Japan

World Congress on Nutrition & Eating Disorders, Tokyo, Japan

Annual meet on Epidemiology and Public Health, Yokohama, Japan

21st International Congress on Nutrition & Health, Madrid, Spain

Functional Food and Advanced Nutrition 2020, Beijing, China

24th International Conference on Food Fraud & Safety, Vancouver, Canada

3rd International Conference on Womens Health and Fitness, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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