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The University of Palermo was established in the year of 1806. The University was located in Italy. Since 1984 the main building of the University, housing the Rector's office, is Palazzo Chiara Monte-Steri, one of the most important historical buildings in Palermo, built in 1307 and formerly the residence of the Chiara Monte. Not far from Palazzo Steri, on land formerly belonging to the Chiara Monte, the Botanical Gardens of Palermo constitute a further admirable pearl of the University. Today, the University has grown to be an institution of about 2000 lecturers and 50,000 students in which research in all main fields of study is carried out. In the past few years the university has actively taken part in international cooperation programmes. It is organized in 12 Faculties like Agriculture, Architecture, Arts and Humanities, Economics, Education, Engineering, Law, Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, Medicine, Physics, Pharmacy, and Political Sciences

Editors, Contributors and Speakers [26]

The following is the list of scholars from University of Palermo who contributed and/or serves as editors for one or more OMICS International journals and conferences
Adriana Tamburello
Alessandro Geraci
Antonino Tuttolomondo
Antonio Russo
Calogera Pisano
Carlo Melloni
Christian Rolfo
Claudio Luparello
Clelia Dispenza
Cristoforo Pomara
Daniela Giacomazza
Domenico Schillaci
Fabio Caradonna
Fabrizio Guzzetta
Giada Pietrosi
Giovanni Franco
Giovanni Grasso
Giuseppe A Provenzano
Korstanje Maximiliano E
Leonardo Palmisano
Luca Sineo
Margherita Di Paola
Mario Barbagallo
Patrizia Proia
Sebastiano Mercadante
Silvia Vendetti

Publications [35]

The following is the list of articles by scholars from University of Palermo that are published in OMICS International journals.
Journal of Gastrointestinal & Digestive System
Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation for Treatment of Idiopathic Faecal Incontinence: Mid-term Results from a Single Center
Angela Inviati, Silvia Di Giovanni, Roberto Gullo, Domenico Schifano, Giulia Bonventre, Valentina Di Paola, Gaspare Gulotta, Sebastiano Bonventre
Research Article: J Gastrointest Dig Syst 2016, 6: 401
doi: 10.4172/2161-069X.1000401
Journal of Proteomics & Bioinformatics
Proteomic Profiling of In-Vitro Bone-Conditioned Skbr3 Breast Cancer Cells
Ida Pucci Minafra, Gianluca Di Cara Rosa Musso, Giovanni Peri Biagio Valentino, Michele D’Arienzo, Desiree Martini, Mario Raspanti and Salvatore Minafra
Research Article: J Proteomics Bioinform Vol.9: 075-083
doi: 10.4172/jpb.1000392
International Journal of Pharma Research & Review
Inulin for Cancer Therapy: Present and Perspectives

G. Giammona, N. Mauro, C. Scialabba

Review Article: IJPR
Should I Stay or Should I go
Carlo Melloni
Editorial: Anaplastology
doi: 10.4172/2161-1173.1000e116
Journal of Clinical & Cellular Immunology
Microscopic Colitis as a Diagnosis to Consider by Clinicians and Pathologists Together: A Case Series and Review of Literature
Tuttolomondo A, Raimondo DD, Orlando E, Corte VD, Bongiovanni L, Maida C, Musiari G, and Pinto A
Research Article: J Clin Cell Immunol 2016, 7: 389
doi: 10.4172/2155-9899.1000389
Journal of Thrombosis and Circulation: Open Access
Coronary Arteries Involvement in Churg-Strauss Syndrome Simulating an Acute Coronary Syndrome: An Emblematic Case and Literature Review
Buccheri D, Chirco PR, Piraino D, Carella M, Franca EL
Review Article: J Thrombo Cir
doi: 10.4172/JTCOA.1000102
Journal of Primatology
Evidence of a chromosomal polymorphism unique to Cercopithecini. A key factor in the Tribe definition ?
Sineo Luca, Lo Bianco Stefania, Barbara Picone
Editorial: J Primatol 2015, 4: e136
doi: 10.4172/2167-6801.1000e136
Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma to Submandibular Gland: A Rare Occurrence
Carlo Melloni, Nino Dispensa, Adriana Tuttolomondo, Guglielmo Melloni and Adriana Cordova
Case Report: Anaplastology
doi: 10.4172/2161-1173.1000151
Journal of Tourism & Hospitality
A Book Review: Envisioning Eden: Mobilizing Imaginaries in Tourism and Beyond
Maximiliano EK
Review Article: J Tourism Hospit 2015,4:158
doi: 10.4172/2167-0269.1000158
The Future is now!
Carlo Melloni
Editorial: Anaplastology
doi: 10.4172/2161-1173.1000e114
Journal of Neurological Disorders
Familial Replicating Arachnoidal Cysts: Case Series and Review of Literature
Rosario Maugeri, David Greg Anderson, Giovanni Grasso, Rosa Maria Gerardi, Massimiliano Visocchi and Domenico Gerardo Iacopino
Case Report: J Neurol Disord 2015, 3: 228
doi: 10.4172/2329-6895.1000228
Journal of Neurological Disorders
Intraoperative Reparation of Superior Sagittal Sinus (SSS) Rupture with Autologous Fibrin Glue: Management of a Complication. Our Experience and Technical Note
Domenico G. Iacopino
Case Report: J Neurol Disord 2015, 3: 222
doi: 10.4172/2329-6895.1000222
Journal of AIDS & Clinical Research
Associated Factors and Liver Disease Severity for Decreased Bone Mineral Density in HIV Mono- and HIV/HCV Co-infected Patients
Valentina Li Vecchi, Maurizio Soresi, Lydia Giannitrapani, Giovanni Mazzola, Pietro Colletti, Ilaria Domenica Amico, Fabio Tramuto, Walter Granà, Massimo Midiri, Giuseppe Caruso, Giuseppe Montalto and Paola Di Carlo
Research Article: J AIDS Clin Res 2015, 6: 438
doi: 10.4172/2155-6113.1000438
Journal of Primatology
Guenon Radiation is Enriched by a New Species that Demonstrates an Evolutionary Complexity with Which we are yet to Become Familiar
Luca S?neo
Editorial: J Primatol 2012, 1:117e
doi: 10.4172/2167-6801.1000e117
Journal of Genetic Syndromes & Gene Therapy
Hutchinson Gilford Progeria Syndrome: A Therapeutic Approach via Adenoviral Delivery of CRISPR/cas Genome Editing System
Walter Arancio, Swonild Ilenia Genovese, Giuseppe Pizzolanti and Carla Giordano
Review Article: J Genet Syndr Gene Ther 2014, 6: 256
doi: 10.4172/2157-7412.1000256
Time is on My (Our) Side
Carlo Melloni
Editorial: Anaplastology
doi: 10.4172/2161-1173.1000e113
Journal of Genetic Syndromes & Gene Therapy
Identification of Novel Wsf1 Mutations in a Sicilian Child with Wolfram Syndrome
Giuseppe Pizzolanti, Laura Tomasello, Antonina Coppola, Maria Pitrone, Concetta Baiamonte, Alessandro Ciresi, Renata Lorini, Walter Arancio and Carla Giordano
Research Article: J Genet Syndr Gene Ther 2014, 5: 245
doi: 10.4172/2157-7412.1000245
Brain Disorders & Therapy
The Brain-Gut Axis: From Pathophysiology to Possible Future Strategies of Treatment
Simone Vigneri
Review Article: Brain Disord Ther 2014, 3:137
doi: 10.4172/2168-975X.1000137
Journal of Psychological Abnormalities
Depression, Anxiety at School and Self-Esteem in Children with Learning Disabilities
Marianna Alesi, Gaetano Rappo, Annamaria Pepi
Research Article: J Psychol Abnorm Child 2014, 3:125
doi: 10.4172/2329-9525.1000125
Journal of Molecular and Genetic Medicine
DNMT1 and Genomic Instability in Cancer
Viviana Barra
Review Article: J Mol Genet Med 2014, 8:113
doi: 10.4172/1747-0862.1000113
Journal of Allergy & Therapy
The Effect of Immunotherapy in Allergic Respiratory Diseases: Reappraisal of Current Knowledge
Rita Arrigo and Nicola Scichilone
Review Article: J Allergy Ther 2014, 5:171
doi: 10.4172/2155-6121.1000171
Medical & Surgical Urology
Antiepileptic Drugs, Sexual Functions and Serum Hormonal Profile in Males with Epilepsy
Lidia Urso, Leila Zummo, Matilde Gammino, Brigida Fierro, Carlo Pavone and Ornella Daniele
Research Article: Med Surg Urol 2014 3: 130
doi: 10.4172/2168-9857.1000130
Journal of Forensic Research
A suspected case of hunting accident. Case report
S Procaccianti, L.V. Pascali, V Triolo, A Bonifacio and P Procaccianti
Case Report: J Forensic Res 2010, 1: 111
doi: 10.4172/2157-7145.1000111
Journal of Forensic Research
Legislation and Comparison with Some International Laws
Valentina Triolo, Antonina Argo , Stefania Zerbo and Paolo Procaccianti
Review Article: J Forensic Res 2010, 1: 108
doi: 10.4172/2157-7145.1000108
Fermentation Technology
Coupling Proteomics and Fermentation Technology for the Improvement of Bioactive Molecule Production Yield in Actinomycetes
Giuseppe Gallo
Editorial: Fermentat Technol 2013, 2:e118
doi: 10.4172/2167-7972.1000e118
Journal of Palliative Care & Medicine
Research in Palliative Care: My Past, My Present, My Future
Sebastiano Mercadante
Editorial: J Palliat Care Med 2013, 3: e127
doi: 10.4172/2165-7386.1000e127
Journal of Cytology & Histology
Does Exist A Correlation Between BMI and Gleason Patterns 4 and 5 At Prostate Biopsy?
Research Article: J Cytol Histol 2013, 4: 182
doi: 10.4172/2157-7099.1000182
Journal of Metabolic Syndrome
Atrial Fibrillation and Metabolic Syndrome: Correlation or Simple Coincidence?
Giuseppe Riccardo Tona, Giovanna Evola, Salvatore Evola, Angelo Quagliana, Rosa Linda Trovato, Giuliana Pace, Vincenzo Sucato, Serena Magro, Giuseppina Novo and Salvatore Novo
Research Article: J Metabolic Synd 2013, 2: 120
doi: 10.4172/2167-0943.1000120
Journal of Carcinogenesis & Mutagenesis
MicroRNAs in Colorectal Cancer Drug Resistance: Shooters become Targets
Daniele Fanale, Stefano Caruso, Viviana Bazan, Giuseppe Bronte, Florinda Di Piazza, Christian Rolfo, Mauro Li Muli, Giuseppe Cicero and Antonio Russo
Commentary: J Carcinog Mutagen 2013, 4:136
doi: 10.4172/2157-2518.1000136
Rheumatology: Current Research
Use of Ultrasonography in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Spondyloarthritis: An Update
Fabiola Atzeni, Alberto Batticciotto, Salvatore Salli, Marco Antivalle and Piercarlo Sarzi-Puttini
Review Article: Rheumatology (Sunnyvale) 2012, S2-008
doi: 10.4172/2161-1149.S2-008
Journal of Primatology
The Still under Construction Cercopithecinae Phylogeny
Luca Sineo
Editorial: J Primatol 2012, 1:105e
doi: 10.4172/2167-6801.1000e105
Journal of Clinical & Experimental Cardiology
Effects of Essential Hypertension on coronary Microcirculation: Focus on a Population of Hypertensives Affected by Microvascular Angina
Angelo Quagliana, Salvatore Evol, Oreste Fabio Triolo, Davide Piraino, Giuliana Pace, Giuseppe Riccardo Tona, Vincenzo Sucato, Giuseppe Inga, Rosaria Linda Trovato, Serena Magro, Giuseppe Andolina and Salvatore Novo
Research Article: J Clinic Experiment Cardiol 2012, 3:176
doi: 10.4172/2155-9880.1000176
Journal of Clinical & Experimental Ophthalmology
Intravitreal Pegaptanib in Ischemic CRVO Refractory Exudative Macular Detachment
Giovanni Cillino and Salvatore Cillino
Case Report: J Clin Exp Ophthalmol 2012, 3: 202
doi: 10.4172/2155-9570.1000202
Journal of Stem Cell Research & Therapy
Cell Therapy in Type 1 Diabetes
Maria Concetta Gioviale, Maurizio Bellavia, Giuseppe Damiano and Giuseppe Buscemi
Review Article: J Stem Cell Res Ther 2011, S2-004
doi: 10.4172/2157-7633.S2-004
Orthopedic & Muscular System: Current Research
Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome: What is this Meaning?
Research Article: Orthopedic Muscul Sys 2011, 1:101
doi: 10.4172/2161-0533.1000101

Proceedings [10]

The following is the list of proceedings by scholars from University of Palermo that are published in OMICS International journals and conferences.
Journal of Clinical & Experimental Cardiology
The role of NTproBNP in predicting prognosis and cardiovascular events in patients with heart failure
Tamburello A, Corrado E, Evola G, Manzullo N, Novo G, Zarcone A, Schembri G and Novo S
ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Clin Exp Cardiolog
Journal of Neurological Disorders
The superficial white matter in Alzheimers disease
Margherita Di Paola, Owen Phillips, Shantanu H Joshi, Fabrizio Piras, Maria Donata Orfei, Mariangela Iorio, Katherine L Narr, David W Shattuck, Carlo Caltagirone and Gianfranco Spalletta
ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Neurol Disord
Journal of Material Sciences & Engineering
Towards more efficient upconverting materials based on NaYF4 nanoparticles: Phase and size controlled synthesis and optical evaluation
Fabrizio Guzzetta and Beatriz Julian-Lopez
ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Material Sci Eng
Journal of Neurology & Neurophysiology
Neuropsychological evaluation in high grade glioma patients treated with radiotherapy
Carla Perna
Posters & Accepted Abstracts: J Neurol Neurophysiol
Journal of Proteomics & Bioinformatics
2D-based proteomics of breast cancer tissues
Ida Pucci Minafra
Keynote: J Proteomics Bioinform
Journal of Steroids & Hormonal Science
Nandrolone affects leydig cells function: A pilot in vitro study
Cristoforo Pomara
ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Steroids Hormon Sci
Biological Systems: Open Access
Upregulation of miR-29a and genomic DNA hypermethylation in normal karyotype AML showing DNMT3A mutation
Mirto M, Randazzo V, Agueli C, Salemi D, Valenti D, Marfia A, Bica MG, Cannella S, Fabbiano F, La Rosa C, Caradonna F and Santoro A
Posters-Accepted Abstracts: Biol Syst Open Access
Journal of Cell Science & Therapy
Human fetal liver progenitor cell transplantation: A potential bridging therapy to liver transplantation in patients with end-stage liver disease
Giada Pietrosi
ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Cell Sci Ther
Journal of Vaccines & Vaccination
Polyclonal tregs enhance vaccine-induced immune responses by modulating the traffi cking of antigen-specifi c T cells
Silvia Vendetti
TRACK2: Innovative Strategies for Vaccines I 2(i):: J Vaccines Vaccin
Journal of Neurology & Neurophysiology
Cannabinoid 1 receptor as therapeutic target in preventing chronic epilepsy
Roberto Di Maio, Jason R. Cannon, Laura Montero and J. Timothy Greenamyre
Track 5(i), 5(ii), 6(i), 6(ii), 7 & 8 5(i) : Physi: J Neurol Neurophysiol