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Oklahoma State University campus was founded in the year 1890 and is located in between Oklahoma City and Tulsa in the city of Stillwater with about 700 Acers of land. The 18th president of the university Burns Hargis, the university has more than 34000 students and 7400 employees. His vision is to create Modern Land-Grant University. The university has good research team.  It is classified by Carnegie Foundation as university with high research activity. It is reported as 66th rank by “Top Public Schools: National Universities” and 132nd rank among all National universities.
University offers nearly 200 undergraduate degrees through six Colleges. University provides opportunities to the selected students for exchanging ideas, conduct research etc. The colleges are titled as
•    College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
•    College of Arts and Sciences
•    College of Education
•    College of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology
•    College of Human Sciences
•    Spears School of Business
The university provides its information that is easily accessible on its Ledger website. On-campus housing has been undergoing significant transformation with 26 resident halls, more than 15 dining options and 7 family first appartments. University encourages the sports like Football, Basket- ball, wrestling, golf Baseball etc.

Editors, Contributors and Speakers [53]

The following is the list of scholars from Oklahoma State University who contributed and/or serves as editors for one or more OMICS International journals and conferences
Abdel-Salam Gomaa Abdel-Salam
Abdelsalam G Abdelsalam
Abdurizzagh Khalf
Ahmet Bulent Ozturk
Amr H Sawalha
Anand Ramamurthi
Anthony W. Confer
Arpita Basu
Ashish Ranjan
Balaji Jayakumar
Befrika S Murdianti
Christina Geng-qing Chi
David R Wallace
Deepayan Debnath
Douglas Scott Reed
Dr. Shuodao Wang
Gregory A Hobbs
Heather Fahlenkamp
Jamaluddin Shaikh
Jianjun Ge
Jonathon Coren
Julie Ann Luiz Adrian
Karen Wolford
Karen Wolford and Arthur Delsing
Kayghobad Shams
MO Faruk Khan
Mahesh Mohan
Mark Barton Frank
Masoud Mozafari
Mehdi Razavi
Michael D Smolen
Mohamed Fakhr
Mohamed K Fakhr
Ningning Xu
Okhee Han
Randall L Davis
Ronn Johnson
Sae-Hun Kim
Sangeeta Srivastava
Satomi Niwayama
Scott A Young
Semra Peksoz
Shanil Juma
Shengquan Liu
Smarajit Maiti
Smita Mohanty
Stephen L Clarke
Sundararajan V. Madihally
Thomas Weir
Vel Subramanian
Vignesh Muthuvijayan
Xinkun Wang
Yihong Yang

Publications [14]

The following is the list of articles by scholars from Oklahoma State University that are published in OMICS International journals.
Journal of Telecommunications System & Management
3G Wireless Network Optimization
Bonsi WY
Research Article: J Telecommun Syst Manage 2016, 5: 129
doi: 10.4172/2167-0919.1000129
Journal of Clinical Toxicology
Differential Effects of Organic and Inorganic Mercury on Phenotypically Variant Breast Cancer Cell Lines
David R Wallace and Eric Bates
Research Article: J Clin Toxicol 2015, 5: 273
doi: 10.4172/2161-0495.1000273
Journal of Sleep Disorders & Therapy
Physical and Psychological Stress and Sleep Efficiency before and after Introducing a New Sleep Surface
Bert H Jacobson and Taylor P Monaghan
Research Article: J Sleep Disord Ther 2015, 4: 199
doi: 10.4172/2167-0277.1000199
Modern Chemistry & Applications
UV-Metric, pH-Metric and RP-HPLC Methods to Evaluate the Multiple pKa Values of a Polyprotic Basic Novel Antimalarial Drug Lead, Cyclen Bisquinoline
Mohammad Faisal Hossain, Cassandra Obi, Anjuli Shrestha and MO Faruk Khan
Research Article: Mod Chem Appl 2014, 2: 145
doi: 10.4172/2329-6798.1000145
Journal of Political Sciences & Public Affairs
Let's Be Fair: Do Polling Locations Prime Votes?
Ben Pryor, Jeanette Morehouse Mendez and Rebekah Herrick
Research Article: J Pol Sci Pub Aff 2014, 2: 126
doi: 10.4172/2332-0761.1000126
Pediatrics & Therapeutics
Streptococcus viridans Pelvic Osteomyelitis after Dental Procedures in an Adolescent Male: A Case Report Illustrating the Importance of Dental History
Rachael Hayden and Toni Sanchez DO
Case Report: Pediat Therapeut 2014, 4: 216
doi: 10.4172/2161-0665.1000216
Modern Chemistry & Applications
In vitro Metabolic Stability Study of New Cyclen Based Antimalarial Drug Leads Using RP-HPLC and LC-MS/MS
Apoorva V Rudraraju, Mohammad F Hossain, Anjuli Shrestha, Prince NA Amoyaw, Babu L Tekwani and Faruk Khan MO
Research Article: Mod Chem Appl 2014, 2: 129
doi: 10.4172/2329-6798.1000129
Journal of Lasers, Optics & Photonics
Atmospheric Effects on Free-Space THz
Yihong Yang
Editorial: J Laser Opt Photonics 2014, 1: e104
doi: 10.4172/2469-410X.1000e104
Forest Research: Open Access
The Effects of Flooding on Forest Floristics and Physical Structure in the Amazon: Results from Two Permanent Plots
Randall W Myster
Research Article: Forest Res 2013, 2:112
doi: 10.4172/2168-9776.1000112
Fisheries and Aquaculture Journal
Estimating Largemouth Bass Age: Precision and Comparisons among Scales, Pectoral Fin Rays, and Dorsal Fin Spines as Nonlethal Methods
Reid L Morehouse, Steven B Donabauer, Angela C Grier
Research Article: Fish Aquac J 2010 4: 074
doi: 10.4172/ 2150-3508.1000074
Journal of Proteomics & Bioinformatics
Transcriptomics Data Integration Reveals Jak-STAT as a Common Pathway Affected by Pathogenic Intracellular Bacteria in Natural Reservoir Hosts
Ruth C. Galindo and José de la Fuente
Research Article: JPB / Vol.5.4 108-115 (2012)
doi: 10.4172/jpb.1000221
Entomology, Ornithology & Herpetology: Current Research
Effects of Constant Temperatures on Reproductive Parameters of the Psocid Liposcelis rufa (Psocoptera: Liposcelididae)
Gautam SG, Opit GP and Giles KL
Research Article: Entomol Ornithol Herpetol 2012, S1-002
doi: 10.4172/2161-0983.S1-002
Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism
Glycated Albumin and Pathological Shear Stress Alters Endothelial Cell Thrombogenic Potential, Pro-Inflammatory State and Cytoskeletal Dynamics
Zahra Maria, Wei Yin and David A. Rubenstein
Research Article: J Diabetes Metab 2011, S4-003
doi: 10.4172/2155-6156.S4-003
Journal of Bioprocessing & Biotechniques
Production of Xylitol by the Thermotolerant Kluyveromyces marxianus IMB Strains
Michael Mueller, Mark R. Wilkins and Ibrahim M. Banat
Editorial: J Bioproces Biotechniq,1:102e
doi: 10.4172/2155-9821.1000102e

Proceedings [29]

The following is the list of proceedings by scholars from Oklahoma State University that are published in OMICS International journals and conferences.
Advances in Crop Science and Technology
Genomics generates new insights into host plant defense and offers novel strategies for crop protection
Yinghua Huang
Keynote: Adv Crop Sci Tech
Journal of Bacteriology & Parasitology
Foodborne pathogens in retail meats: From detection to genomics
Mohamed K Fakhr
ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Bacteriol Parasitol
Journal of Bacteriology & Parasitology
Molecular characterization of staphylococci isolated from Retail Mushrooms
Mohamed K Fakhr
Keynote: J Bacteriol Parasitol
Journal of Liver
Microflora and TLRs in HCV-related cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma
Anil Kaul
Keynote: J Liver
Journal of Biotechnology & Biomaterials
Human embryonic kidney cell behavior on a new β-type titanium alloy by Alamar Blue assay
Mehdi Razavi, Krishna Burugapalli, Li Zhou and Yan Huang
ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Biotechnol Biomater
Journal of Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology
Coaxial electro-spinning of PCL/GT hybrid fiber for encapsulation and controlled release of doxycycline
Abdurizzagh Khalf and Sundararajan V Madihally
ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Nanomed Nanotechnol
Journal of Applied & Computational Mathematics
Outlier robust non-linear mixed model estimation on gene expression
Abdel-Salam Gomaa Abdel-Salam
ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Appl Computat Math
Journal of Applied & Computational Mathematics
Advanced statistical analysis using SPSS
Abdel-Salam Gomaa Abdel-Salam
Keynote: J Appl Computat Math
Journal of Biosensors & Bioelectronics
New SPR-based biosensor platform for fragment-based-drug-discovery
Tom Jobe
Keynote: J Biosens Bioelectron
International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience
MBSR from lab to mobile app: icorps and the development process
Karen Wolford and Arthur Delsing
ScientificTracks Abstracts: IJEMHHR
Journal of Pulmonary & Respiratory Medicine
Dendritic cell specific DNA-dependent protein kinase mediates Th2 airway inflammatory responses to house dust mite
Amarjit Mishra
ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Pulm Respir Med
Virology & Mycology
Role of extracellular histones in acute lung injury during influenza pneumonia
Narasaraju Teluguakula1, Harshini Ashar1, Nathan Mueller1, Tim Snider1, Maram Prasanthi1, Jennifer Rudd1, Akhilesh Ramachandran1, Vincent Chow T K2 and Esmon T Charles3
Posters-Accepted Abstracts: Virol-mycol
Pharmaceutica Analytica Acta
A novel and simple technique for separation of liposomes from unloaded drug molecules
Vignesh Muthuvijayan and Naagarajan Narayanan
ScientificTracks Abstracts: Pharm Anal Acta
Journal of Bacteriology & Parasitology
Molecular typing of community acquired MRSA isolated from retail meats by spa typing, PFGE, and MLST
Mohamed K Fakhr, Lubna Abdalrahman and Adriana Stanley
ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Bacteriol Parasitol
Organic Chemistry: Current Research
UPLC−MS Method for the simultaneous determination of pharmaceutical drugs in waste water samples
Zeid A Al Othman and Saikh M Wabaidur
Accepted Abstracts: Organic Chem Curr Res
Journal of Clinical & Cellular Immunology
Role of microRNAs in the molecular pathogenesis HIV/SIV induced gastrointestinal dysfunction/ disease
Mahesh Mohan
ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Clin Cell Immunol
Journal of Gerontology & Geriatric Research
Disrespect: Elder abuse in Indian country
Jacqueline S Gray
ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Gerontol Geriat Res
Journal of Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology
Image guided drug delivery: A non-invasive approach for targeted cancer therapy
Ashish Ranjan
Accepted Abstracts: J Nanomed Nanotechnol
Journal of Probiotics & Health
Potential applications of probiotics for the gut and beyond
Sae-Hun Kim
KeyNote: J Prob Health
Entomology, Ornithology & Herpetology: Current Research
Preference of the natal fruit fly, Ceratitis rosa to different fruit scents in a choice trial
Makuena Lebusa, Mark Laing and Ray Miller
ScientificTracks Abstracts: Entomol Ornithol Herpetol
Journal of Analytical & Bioanalytical Techniques
Analysis of aflatoxins in nonalcoholic beer using liquid-liquid extraction and ultra performance LC-MS/MS
Zeid A. Alothman
Accepted Abstracts: J Anal Bioanal Tech
Journal of Tissue Science & Engineering
Bioreactors for tissue engineering
Sundararajan V. Madihally
Accepted Abstracts: J Tissue Sci Eng
Journal of Tissue Science & Engineering
Scaffolds for tissue regeneration
Sundararajan V. Madihally
Accepted Abstracts: J Tissue Sci Eng
Journal of Tissue Science & Engineering
Multifunctional nanoparticles for controlled thrombolysis and stimulated elastogenesis in abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAAs)
Anand Ramamurthi, Balakrishnan Sivaraman and Andrew Sylvester
ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Tissue Sci Eng
Journal of Proteomics & Bioinformatics
An arrayed human genomic library constructed in the pac shuttle vector pJCPAC-MAM2 for genome-wide association studies and gene therapy
Jonathon Coren
ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Proteomics Bioinform
Journal of Antivirals & Antiretrovirals
National Center for Virology2011 information viral genomes project
Olga Blinkova
Track 1(i): Viral Genomics and Proteomics 1(ii): : JAA
Journal of Petroleum & Environmental Biotechnology
STF mediated control of leaf blade outgrowth improves biomass yield
Million Tadege
Track_8_10: J Pet Environ Biotechnol
Journal of Tissue Science & Engineering
Towards localized elastic matrix regenerative strategies to stabilize growing abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAAs)
Anand Ramamurthi and Balakrishnan Sivaraman
Track 4: J Tissue Sci Eng
Journal of Tissue Science & Engineering
Finite element modeling and experimental analysis of a recently developed gelatin/ bioactive nanocomposite scaffold imposed to mechanical compression
Melika Sarem, Fathollah Moztarzadeh and Masoud Mozafari
Posters: J Tissue Sci Eng