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Chemical Engineering Journals

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Japan is an East Asian country which is sharing its borders with of P.R. China, South Korea, North Korea and Russia. The word Japan means “sun origin” and therefore, this country often called as "Land of the Rising Sun".

Geographically, Japan is having 6,852 islands and four largest islands include Honshu, Kyushu, Hokkaido and Shikoku. It is having 108 active volcanoes. Several new volcanoes emerged during twentieth century. Politically, Japan has emerged as a great power by becoming part of UN along with other global alliances such as G7, G8 and G20.

Japan excelled in all areas of research and development after huge suffering from atomic bombing during World War II. Japan is having third-largest economy and fourth largest power purchasing parity in the world as per world nominal GDP computation. Technological advances of Japan made this country to lead the world. The country is pioneer in advanced research in electronics, biomedical devices, machinery, robotics, computer science and medical sciences.

Japan has produced 21 Nobel laureates so far from the fields of Physics, Medicine and Chemistry. It has established an excellent infrastructure for advanced research on chemical engineering. Funding and integration of R & D related to chemical-engineering has been monitoring by “Japan Society for the Promotion of Science” in the country. “The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan” is the leading institution of Japan for research on chemical-engineering. Several journals called chemical engineering journals are available from Japan with good reputation. There are many leading institutions in the country on reproductive medicine includes Tokyo Institute of Technology, chemical engineering, Japanese Industrial Standards Committee, etc.

Chemical Engineering Journals List