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Food Science Journals

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The united kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the united kingdom (uk) or Britain, is a sovereign state in Europe. The united kingdom is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system of Governance.

United kingdom consists of a total area of approximately 241,930 Sqare kilometers , the uk occupies the major part of the British isles archipelago and includes the island of Great Britain, the North- eastern one- sixth of the island of Ireland and many smaller surrounding islands. Its capital city is London, an important global city and financial centre with an urban population of 10,310,000, the fourth- largest in Europe and second- largest in the European union.

The united kingdom is a developed country and has the world’s fifth- largest economy by nominal GDP and 9th largest economy by power purchasing power parity. The uk is considered to have a high- income economy and is categorized as very high in the Human Development Index, currently ranking 14th in the world. uk business R & D spending is concentrated in a small number of very large firms, with the pharmaceuticals sector accounting for 28 % of total uk business R & D. This sector is key drive of innovation but the uk’s reliance on the sector is also a risk. The uk remains a great power with considerable economic, cultural, military, scientific, and political influence internationally.

Noble prizes in physics is awarded annually by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to Scientists in the various fields. Arthur B. Mc Donald ( Canada) received Noble prize in the year 2015 for the Discovery of neutrino oscillations which shows that neutrions have mass. New Castle University hosts the centre for Rural Economy and has close links with the cross- faculty Human Nutrition Research centre. New Castle University research is funded by the uk Research Councils ( ESRC, NERC< BBSRC), EU, Defra, Charities and industry. New Castle University hosts the centre for Rural Economy and has close links with the cross- faculty Human Nutrition Research centre . Human Nutrition Research centre (HNRC) is a multi- disciplinary, cross- faculty research centre. It carries out research into the links between nutrition and health. There is huge public interest in food and nutrition and their links with health. The main research themes within HNRC are Molecular Nutrition,food Quality and health, public Health Nutrition). List of food sciences journals United Kingdom provide good quality article and better scientific research on the techniques and development in the United Kingdom.

Food Science Journals List