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OMICS International Open Access Readership | Journal Readers Indexing

Open Access Gaining More Readership and Visibility: OMICS International


Total number of Journals 700+

Total number of Readers-15 Million+

Total number of Readers 15 Million+

Each journal is having 25000+

Each Journal is having 25000+ Readers
(This Readership is 10 times more when compared to other Subscription Journals)

Documenting all observations is a human habit since ancient times which lead to establish an ever dynamic publishing industry. So far, this industry went through numerous transitions in its way of operation. At present, Open Access publishing model received warm welcome from the scientific and academic community all over the world.

OMICS International is providing a well appreciated podium for the global researchers with 700+ open access journals and 3000+ International science and business events across the globe, aiding in advancing the scientific knowledge transfer across the globe.

Advancement in the web technologies enabled to have huge global connectivity and allowed to reach more readers along with the sophisticated methods of archiving, indexing, data mining, retrieving, and rapid dissemination of research outcome.

Recent statistics shows that Open Access publishing is generating 1.4 million articles annually, the estimated rate of this annual growth of Open Access model is around 3% to 3.5% every year. The increasing trust of academicians is rising consistently at the rate of 3% each year.

  It has been estimated that almost 5.5 million authors actively participating in contributing articles to open access forums presently. 

A statistical representation of global users for (Source: Google Analytics)

Global Research Community  OMICS International expresses gratitude to the global research community for their constant trust, evident from more than 15 million readers. 

Reliance of scholars on this very system revolutionized the publishing model and further changes are being observed in the archival and indexing procedures.

Pioneering the Open Access publishing, OMICS International believed in this revolutionary philosophy and had recognized the power of advanced web technologies in publishing in the very beginning.

Presently, the world is recognizing and looking forward towards the Open Access providers for freely available scientific information.

 With 700+ open access journals, OMICS International established itself as a global knowledge distributor. OMICS is glad to announce that and are attracting more than 15 Million unique visitors across the globe which is accounting for only 40% of overall website traffic of the 700 journals of the publisher. 

OMICS International is having its expansion in Open Access publishing on all major Medical, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Technology, Engineering, Business and Management streams. The growth of the organization is supported by the recent acquiring the renowned publishing houses across USA, UK and Canada. USA based iMedPub Journals that publish widely on clinical and medical fields have joined OMICS International by 2015. Allied Academies with more than 20 years of publishing reputation along with their Business and Management journals joined us during the same yearand strengthened our hold on finance, accounts, entrepreneurship, and management. Andrew John publications of Canada have joined OMICS Internationals, contributing significantly to Medical and environmental science publications.

 Our analysis report suggests that 70% of the visitors of the OMICS sites comprise researchers from USA, India, UK, Japan, Germany, Italy, Australia, Brazil and South Korea, which have been serving as global hub for scientific research. It was observed that almost 25% of visitors are from USA alone, and 20% of its visitors are from India.  

Apart from open access journals, OMICS International is also an international conference organizer across the globe. Along with its subsidiaries, ConferenceseriesLLC, OMICS International schedules 3000+ global conferences across America, European Union, and Asia Pacific. In association with more than 1000 global reputed academic societal collaborators, OMICS International is facilitating great networking, B2B opportunities, product launch and promotions through its events.

Global researchers are encouraged to publish their original articles, reviews, case studies, commentaries, technical notes and short communication. A scholarly team containing more than 80,000 members is part of the editorial board of the journals published by OMICS and its subsidiaries.

A strict single blinded peer review process is being followed to assess each submission and to enrich the quality. All published articles are indexed in the leading indexing services.

Global Researchers
  • Total number of Journals 700+
  • Total number of Readers 15 Million+
  • Each Journal is having 25000+ Readers
    (This Readership is 10 times more when compared to 
    other Subscription Journals